5 Detox Rituals (and Why Detox Isn’t a Dirty Word)

Our organisms are generally great at fighting off diseases and establishing homeostasis. However, no matter how impressive these systems are, they still need a hand here and there. Though some argue against the detox process claiming that it is only a new fashionable trend, detox rituals have been around for some time now. Every ritual that cleanses the body and mind can be categorised as detox, from 5000-year-old yoga to the exotic-sounding smoothies you can make in your own kitchen.

So, join us and find out more about how you can help your body help itself.

Manage stress

Detox is about giving your body a boost so it can efficiently take care of itself. No toxin can eat you away as quietly and as efficiently as stress. Each and every day give your mind and your body enough time to gather your thoughts and unplug from the world.

The key is to find the rituals which work for you. Perhaps you should get up a bit earlier so as to avoid getting ready in a hurry every morning. Even a half an hour can make a huge difference.

Not all of us can find the time to meditate in the narrow sense of the word. However, there are little to no requirements to concentrate on your breathing or to visualize. Just a few minutes can give your body an energy boost it needs.

Have a detox shower

You don’t have to go to a spa to have a detox shower. Every week or so try to stimulate your lymphatic system by changing the temperature of the water during your shower. Start with the regular temperature, then slightly turn it up and afterwards slowly turn it colder than you are used to. You should repeat the process five times in total and each stage doesn’t have to take too long.

Periodic scrubs for problematic areas

Despite taking regular showers and following other cleaning routines, there will always be parts of your body that need additional attention. Your face is one such area. As it is constantly exposed to the elements, air pollution, and even just plain dirt like dust, it will require good scrubs at regular intervals. There are great cosmetic products out there, but you can always DIY one yourself. The frequency of these more thorough cleanings will depend on the ingredients you are using.

Another part of your body we seem to forget when detoxing is the hair. Particularly, scalp detox is important to get rid of the grease and dirt but also the shampoo and hair product residue that clogs up your pores. Again, you can find a product that works for you or mix some in your kitchen.

Sweat it out

In addition to challenging your body with detox shower and its water temperature changes, you can also stimulate your liver to replenish your body by providing yourself with enough exercise. We just aren’t built to sit at work and then sit at home. We need physical activities to allow our bodies to work in the full potential.

The good news is that there are so many options. If you like to focus on your workout, gym atmosphere may be what you require. Professionals are there to help you out, but if you already have a game plan, zone out and enjoy your workout.

If you are more keen to have an exercise as a part of your daily schedule, consider cycling as a commute. For bikes, it’s important to find the model that follows your lifestyle. For steep turns and nature rides, go for a mountain bike. Guys are often more into mountain bikes, but don’t fret, there are also many women’s bikes out there, so explore the options.

Cleanse through food

First and foremost when thinking about cleansing though food, remember that though you are cleaning your body you still need to feed it. Before you even consider your dietary choices, check whether or not you are drinking enough water. Water is the only drink your body truly requires, so try to lower your intake of coffee, sodas and alcohol, especially the last two.

Food rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats should be your primary food source.However, if you want to detox your body a bit, eat more fruits and veggies. Various seeds and nuts, like almonds and chia seeds, as well as olive oil, which is rich in omega-3, should find a place in your detox diet.

Detoxing your body is a healthy and natural way to boost your immune system and let it properly function. The self-care culture of today has brought detoxing back into the mainstream culture and made it more approachable as well as more appealing. There are more studies done now and new ways are devised to address different issues. Keep in mind that following these detoxing rituals can only make you healthier and happier in return.

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