How to Revive Your Health and Spirit in Time for a Summer Getaway

When the weather is good, we just can’t wait to get out of our stuffy offices. We want to spend our days relaxing and enjoying ourselves, but there’s usually quite a bit of time to pass before we can finally sit on the plane and fly off to our vacation. In the meantime, we daydream, we plan, we imagine all the fun we’re going to have, and we keep telling ourselves to just push through work no matter how stressful it is. After all, we’ll be away soon enough and then we can do all those fun things we’ve been waiting to do!

And when the vacation is finally here… we kind of miss it. We get to a hotel in a tired haze, drop down to our bed, and feel too unmotivated to really go out and do all of the things we’ve planned to do. Well, that’s hardly a way to make good memories and get your proper rest, isn’t it? To avoid it, you want to make sure your spirits are high for the summer. It’s time to start rejuvenating!

Don’t let work get ahead of your mood

Two weeks before your vacation isn’t the time to take on a new assignment or promise to finish more things than you can handle just because you’ll be going away soon. You don’t need to feel guilty for going on a trip, and you don’t have to bury yourself in work to justify anything. Organize yourself to finish your obligations in an orderly manner, then simply use your lawful right to take a long break.

Have a little spa day

Don’t let that nervous tension bog you down and wear you out, and don’t wait for your trip to deal with stress. If you can, go have a spa day and get a nice massage and a few rejuvenating beauty treatments. After all, you’ll feel so much better if you step outside of the plane looking relaxed and pampered rather than haggard. Alternatively, you can also organize a spa day at home.

Eat for health, not for stress

Arriving at the beach and feeling bloated and heavy is usually not a great way to feel confident and sexy. A lot of people either eat to deal with stress, or they start a really strict, horrible diet right before their vacation, and it almost always results in disaster. Instead of wreaking havoc on your body, try taking a healthy, mindful approach to eating.

The latest ketogenic trend shows some promise, and it’s based on a low-carb diet that’s supposed to help the production of ketones. If you’re wondering what are ketones and how they can help you, you have to know they are related to how your body creates energy. Usually, glucose (or sugar) is what’s used to fuel our cells, but we’d much prefer for our body to use its stores of fat for that.

To have that happen, your body needs to be low on carbs and high on fat intake, and once that happens, your liver will start producing ketones and your excess weight will start melting off. So, if you want to shed pounds, start soon, try the keto diet, and make sure your progress is slow and steady. That way the weight won’t just bounce back.

Let physical activity lift you up

Of course, if you couple your diet with exercise, then you will truly start feeling great in your own body. Even the busy women can have a perfect body if they commit to it. We recommend going swimming a few times a week, cycling, volleyball with your friends, dancing, or any other summer activity that will result in you having heaps of fun and truly enjoying the workout.

Do a digital detox

Drop Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook a little before your vacation, and then resume is only after you’ve returned. As fun and enjoyable as social media is, it can also be a cause of stress and pressure. Instead of simply relaxing and thinking about where you want to go, you’ll end up thinking about which places will allow you to take the best Instagram picture that you can show off to your friends. Take a pause and focus on the here and now.

Go to the right location

Sometimes, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and travel to a place that will truly awaken your spirit and give you an unforgettable experience. Perhaps you can walk the Camino de Santiago, or maybe you can go on a yoga retreat. Maybe you can go to a wellness center in the Swiss Alps and spend your days surrounded by nature and fresh air. Overcrowded beaches are not your only option, so do your research and pick a destination that truly calls to you.

Don’t let your summer getaway happen with you feeling tired, distracted, and unmotivated. Recharge your batteries before your trip and you’ll have a lot more fun!


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