Make Your Vacation A ‘Right of Passage’

What is the reason you take a vacation? This isn’t rhetorical; we’re hoping you consider this personally. Have you thought about it much previously? Often, people take vacations because they are given the time to from their job, and visiting another sunny location often breaks up the pace from a boring working schedule.

It can help add colour and an enhanced perspective of the world. It gives us the means to feel more rooted in our normal surroundings, especially after returning from somewhere a little alien compared to home. It’s important to know just how important taking vacations are. People who go to the most basic of resorts are often at least having a much-needed break away from their home life, and for that reason, their choices should be respected.

However, a vacation doesn’t need to serve this standard requirement. It can be much more than that if you have the adventuring spirit to experience it. What are we talking about? Namely, a right of passage. Many young people will often travel areas with a budget and experience cultures after their time of education. This can help ingratiate them in the world as an Earth citizen, someone who can say they have taken the time to travel outside of home.

A right of passage is important in many different ways. Not only does it help you categorize yourself as a newly begun adult, but it can spur the adventurous spirit in you, something which is almost a complete necessity when thinking of how to meet the challenges of life in future.

Your right of passage should be a challenge. We’d like to recommend the following methods for beginning one in the best way possible:

Visit Everest
Heading to Nepal and visiting Mount Everest is truly a sight to see. We’re not for a second going to suggest that you climb it (although this can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for those who are ABLE and QUALIFIED competently to do so,) but visiting one of the many treks around the mountain can help you come to terms with the beauty of nature. An Everest basecamp trek is often the most accessible and fun, while still challenging satisfyingly. Heading on a long expedition like this can serve as an example of the challenges you will experience throughout your life. It will be a calm, meditative walk. Many people are taken on these too, so if you’re looking to make friends and potentially travel with other backpackers or adventurers, you are likely to find like-minded people here.

If you’re looking to head into the deep jungles, heading to Peru can be a wonderful experience. It’s arguable the most forefront you can meet nature is in this location. Wonderful tribes and temples exist here, and the beautiful combination of culture and accessibility will make this a truly wonderful and transcendent experience. Peru is well known for the Machu Picchu and the Incan trail. For some, it is famous for the Ayahuasca ceremonies and that take place here with the Shamans in the Amazon, but we’d suggest steering clear here unless you know plenty about the cultural attitudes here.

Visting cultures outside of your comfort zone are often the best places for you to begin developing as a human. So what are you waiting for? Start this year!

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