10 Braided Hairstyle Ideas to Keep Cool this Summer

Braids will never go out of fashion, even if some trends change from one season to the next. From the classic French braid to the more complex hairstyles featuring ombré colors and even jewelry, only your imagination can stand in your way. Summer is the perfect season to try out new braided hairstyles to keep you cool and make you look like you have descended from the cover of a magazine. Just so you know, braids work great for long, medium, or short hair, so all you need to do is look at the gallery below and get your inspiration for this summer!

  1. Classic Braided Pigtails

Let us start with something simple: braided pigtails in a French (or Dutch) braid, for women with long hair, or even medium hair. This hairstyle keeps the back of the neck free, while highlighting your facial features. For a new look this summer, try some highlights in warm colors, close to your natural color.

What you need to know is that classic French pigtails represent the basis of many braided hairstyles you can try. You can change your looks and make a memorable impression each time you decide to add pins, glitter, hair accessories, and colorful elastics to your braided pigtails.


  1. Pumped-up Fishtail Pigtails

Pigtails are perfect for the summer as they allow you to stay cool and look young, fresh, and amazing on any occasion. Fishtail braids are slightly more complicated, but they are fabulous and worth a try. This particular hairstyle emphasizes the idea of big braids and ombré hair.

Make sure you use the right styling products to keep your tails big and firm. Nevertheless, leave the pigtails unbraided from the mid-section down for a feminine, eerie look.

  1. Goddess Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are not new but they will forever be in fashion. This spin-off of goddess braids helps you stay cool all summer long and they help you rock any party or date you fancy to attend this season. The hairstyle works for long hair and medium to short hair (you may know this style as boxer braids).

Moreover, the hairdo becomes truly breathtaking especially if you choose to follow some of the newest trends in hair color: white and metallic grays.

Of course, you can sport the veritable goddess braids, especially if you have long, voluminous hair.

  1. Two-Tone Boxer Braids

Speaking of boxer braids, this is the perfect example that this hairstyle works amazing with medium and even short hair. One of this summer’s trends is the two-tone hair color – usually blonde and black if you want to keep things traditional. This simple hairdo is the perfect choice for the beach, festivals, parties, and casual outings.

  1. Diva Dreads and Braids

When you decide to dress to impress at a cool party or event, do not neglect your hairstyle. One easy way to stand out of the crowd is a dreadlock-style hairdo with numerous simple and thin French braids. The element of novelty and high-end style is the pink braids mixed in blonde or honey braids.

If pink is not your thing, you can get some inspiration from this year’s hair shades – try the blue, metallic gray, and violet palette for your highlights and strands. This spectacular hairstyle works best with long and very long hair for a fabulous red carpet look.


  1. Messy Beach Princess Braids

While you can sport this hairstyle at a fancy party, it also works great with beach outfits. This is a disorganized, feminine, and seductive combination of two messy fishtail pigtails gathered together in a messy bun at the base of your neck. You can pull off this hairstyle in a brilliant manner even if you do not go the full ten yards and color your hair in two contrasting tones of black and blonde.

For an imagination exercise, try to include this hairstyle not with a sporty beach outfit, but with a long, thin, vaporous summer dress and see where it takes you.

  1. The Braided Bun

There is no easier or cuter way to rock this summer (and keep heat away from you) than playing with your braids in all sorts of buns. This is a simple one: two French braids coming from the sides and meeting at the base of your neck in a spiraled bun. This is a casual hairstyle you can try whenever you go to the beach, shopping, out with friends or on a casual date.

The beauty and versatility of this hairstyle resides in the fact that you can style it up to a red carpet level of awesomeness. Just add some sparkly or pearly hairpins for a dash of glam. Try some flower pins for a romantic, bridal look or use glitter to highlight parts of the bun for that cool club party downtown you want to attend.

  1. Down-Up Braided Puffs

This is a rather complex hairstyle, even if it does not look so. You need to split your hair on the sides, start braiding from your neck upwards towards the top of your head and finish each of the two pigtails in a cute, messy puff. As you can see, this hairdo becomes more showy and glamorous if you color your hair and make the best use of contrasting shades or colored highlights.

One combination we love when it comes to this type of hairdo is the pink-blue one or the metallic gray and blue one. You will be so cool (from all points of view) this summer!

  1. The Perfect Mermaid

We have said plenty of times so far that blue and all shades of blue are all the rage right now in hairstyles and hair colors. To exemplify, let us all look at this amazing mermaid messy braid. The entire composition is perfect for the summer and for all those night summer parties you want to attend. This hairstyle needs some skills and some time, but the result is flawless.

  1. The French Faux Hawk Braid

This is an elegant, intricate look for women who are edgy and show their rebellious, unbound spirits. You can match this hairstyle with a boho-rock outfit or a serious fitted business suit – you will take everybody’s breath away nonetheless. French braid your hair in a tail, flip it, pin it at the crown and secure it in place. Make sure you do not forget about the thin braids on the sides for a more spectacular look.

This hairstyle works best for long hair as the faux hawk should be showy and a bit messy, even if you keep it still with hairspray. One advantage is that you do not need colored highlights or dye for this hairstyle, as it looks amazing no matter what your natural shade is.


What are your favorite goddess braids in this list? Which one would you try for this summer?

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