Fashion Is Subjective and No One Should Convince You Otherwise

Browse through Instagram or any glamour magazine you can find and you’ll typically come across many different fashion trends that are popular among young adults. These trends are usually always started in the fashion industry when someone like a famous celebrity posts pictures of themselves wearing a brand or something exclusive.

This exclusive mentality is what causes fashion labels to charge ludicrous amounts of money for something as simple as a shirt or a pair of jeans.

This is fine.
Let’s admit it, everyone has their own sense of fashion because it’s a subjective thing. What you personally like might not resonate with others, and many expensive fashion trends might look silly to you but they could represent something important to someone else. Everyone has their own idea of fashion–and that’s why you should never let other people talk you down about what you wear.

Confidence in Clothing
One of the most confidence-busting things someone can do to you is negatively comment about your clothing. Whether they make fun of your brand choice or the colors you wear, any sort of negative comment can have a long-lasting on your confidence, especially if it comes from someone you perceive to be in-the-know regarding fashion.

Ignore these people.
Clothing and fashion is a huge confidence booster not because you’re wearing something that everyone else wears, but because you’re wearing something that you personally feel comfortable in. You can wear modest clothing that is devoid of branding or fancy patterns and you can still feel comfortable and stylish because it’s what you like to wear. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for something like a branded shirt just because it’s perceived as cool to wear it.

If you want to feel confident in yourself, stop thinking so much about what others say. Fashion is subjective and you need to wear what makes you feel comfortable and what you can personally identify with. Even if you wear a shirt with your favorite singer on it or carry a bag with your favorite cartoon character, your personal style should, as the term implies, be personal to you.

Building Your Style
So where do you turn to if not fashion magazines and social media? Your own inspiration, of course!

Finding your personal style can be tricky, but it’s actually a lot of fun. You can seek inspiration from sources other than fashion magazines by looking online or even in thrift stores. The idea is to look at hundreds or even thousands of images so that you can find something that resonates with your personal tastes.

Perhaps it’s a certain color that you like, a pattern you love the look of or even a type of print that you think looks stunning. Whatever it is, finding your own style involves plenty of research mixed with trial and error.

Some Final Words
So to conclude, don’t let people mock you or question you about your fashion choices. If you feel comfortable wearing something then you should wear it–end of story.

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