All The Common Hair Problems, And How To Fix Them

Hair is a funny old thing in that it can look
and feel so different depending on the person. We’ve all got certain issues
with our hair that we don’t like, and want to sort out. Some issues are more
serious than others, and can really knock our confidence back. Keeping that in
mind, I’ve taken it upon myself to go through all the most common hair problems
out there. Basically, if you have an issue with your hair, you can bet that
issue will be on this list! But, it doesn’t end with me listing them and
talking about them, I’m also going to give some advice on how you can fix them,
and get your confidence back.
So, your journey towards better and more
beautiful hair begins now! I’ll quickly bullet point the main issues we’ll be
looking at, so you can easily scroll through until you find one that affects
you the most. Or, feel free to read through them all if you wish!
The common hair problems are:

Thinning/Balding Hair
Greasy Hair
Dry Hair
Gray Hair
Frizzy Hair
Split Ends

Thinning/Balding Hair
We start things off with probably the most feared
hair problem out there. Everyone lives in worry that they’ll wake up and their
hair will start thinning. We hate the thought of bald patches appearing,
particularly when we’re still very young. There are loads of reasons your hair
might be too thin or falling out, as demonstrated in this article here;,,20727114,00.html. One of the main reasons is stress, but another common problem is
hormonal changes. As a result, many pregnant women suffer from hair loss.
The question is; how do you solve this problem?
Well, it’s very difficult to regrow hair once it’s already fallen out for good.
So, if you suffer from hair loss, then your best bet is to look for ways in
which you can cover it up. As shown here, you can buy hair thickening fibers to use at home. Essentially,
you shake these fibers onto your head, and they help give the appearance of
thicker, fuller, hair. It’s a great way to cover up a thinning scalp, or any
bald patches you might have. Another popular idea is to start taking biotin
tablets every day. This is a type of vitamin that’s known to help with hair
health. A lot of women are deficient in this, which is why you have thinning
hair. A supplement helps give you a biotin boost, naturally thickening your
hair. Alongside this, you should also consider hair thickening shampoos with
natural ingredients.
Greasy Hair
Greasy hair isn’t as bad as thinning hair, but
it’s certainly a massive nuisance. If you have greasy hair, then it’s likely
you’ll need to wash your hair every day. As you can imagine, this isn’t a very
fun thing to do when you’re in a rush. But, what causes greasy hair? Well, it
all comes down to the glands in your hair follicles. We have glands in our hair
that secrete oil to give our hair a nice shiny look. Sometimes, you can have
glands that produce a little bit too much oil, creating a greasy scalp.
How do you solve this? There are many solutions,
the most popular of which is to just ensure you wash your hair frequently.
Don’t wait a few days between washes, do it every morning and you’ll soon see
results. I know, I just mentioned how this can be annoying if you’re in a rush
every morning. Well, to help with this I suggest you read my article here It will show you some simple ways you can speed up your morning
routine, giving you more time to wash your hair. Naturally, switching to a
healthier diet also helps – if you eat greasy foods, you’ll end up with greasy

Dry Hair
At the other end of the spectrum, we have dry
hair. You’ll know if you have this problem because your hair feels really
brittle and straw-like. Some people assume this is just a genetic thing, but
it’s actually not. While greasy hair is the result of your oil glands working
overtime, dry hair is the result of them slacking. But, as it talks about here, there are other reasons your hair is dry too. Most notably;
constant exposure to heat from a hair dryer or straighteners.
The best way to solve your problem is by getting
your hands on a good conditioner. This helps add hydration and moisture to your
hair, keeping the follicles nice and lubricated. What’s more, you should try
and avoid exposure to extreme heat. Don’t straighten your hair every day, and
try to towel dry it or just let it dry naturally when you can. If you must use
a hairdryer, then set it to as low a temperature as possible.
Gray Hair
There’s not a great deal to say about this
problem as the cause is mainly genetic. People turn gray all the time, it’s
normally a family thing. But, if you’re extremely stressed, this can cause
early gray hairs to appear.
It’s not a serious condition, it’s more of a
confidence destroyer when you get gray hair in your 20’s or 30’s. But, you can
easily cover this up by dying your hair. There are loads of other tips here, which you may also find helpful. I’d also throw in some advice
on staying stress-free too, as this can delay early grayness.
Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair is a problem loads of people face –
particularly if you already have dry hair. Again, it’s something that comes
about when your hair lacks hydration. Most of the causes of frizzy hair are the
same as the causes of dry hair. But, I also find that cold air and wind makes
my hair frizzy too.
How do you solve a problem like frizz? To start
off, drink more water. This keeps you hydrated from inside to out, and your
hair will benefit. Secondly, as mentioned before, stop using hot products such
as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Thirdly, cover your hair when
you step out in cold weather, to prevent it from drying out and going frizzy.
When it comes to using shampoo, it says here that a sulfate-free one is your best bet.

Split Ends
I find that this is probably the most common
hair problem of them all. The best way to tell if you have this problem is by
looking at your hair.Take a look right at the end of one strand, and see if
it’s split in two. If it has, you’ve got an issue on your hands. However, it’s
not quite as simple as that as there are other types of split ends as well.
Take a look here if you want to see them all. But, all split ends are caused by
one of two things; dryness or mistreatment.
We’ve already spoken at great length about dry
hair and how you can fix it, so I’ll mainly focus on the second cause here. A
lot of people use chemical products in their hair, such as styling creams,
sprays, and what have you. Tone it down, and try using things with natural
ingredients instead. This should solve your problem for good.


There’s nothing worse than looking at yourself
in the mirror and seeing the dreaded white stuff on your shoulders or in your
hair. Dandruff is such a common problem, and there are loads of different
reasons you might have it. If you have a dry scalp, then you will likely have
dandruff as it’s essentially just flaky bits of skin. But, one of the main
reasons people have dandruff is that they don’t shampoo their hair regularly,
or they fail to rinse it all out when they do wash their hair.
In reality, I could write an entire article the
same length as this one devoted to getting rid of dandruff. As it shows here, there are well over 20 different things you can do. The easiest
one by far is as simple as changing your shampoo. Get an anti-dandruff shampoo,
and ensure you lather it in and rinse it all out. It’s such an easy thing to
do, and you’ll see results in a couple of days.

Right, there we have it; the common hair
problems and how to fix them. Which one of these issues do you have? You’ve
probably noticed that in having one problem, you’ve actually also ended up
having multiple other problems too. Hopefully, my advice has helped you out,
and I’ve included a handful of good resources throughout for you to look at as
well. Now, you can start your journey to healthier and better-looking hair!

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