Life Changing Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Routine

If you want to look and feel good, then more often than not, you’ll find that it can take you a while to do so. Blow-drying hair, shaving your legs, contouring your cheeks, filling in your brows, as well as brushing teeth, and moisturizing, can all take a while. And doing everything each morning can get pretty repetitive. So if, like me, you’d like a few ways to speed up the time it all takes you to get ready each morning, then look no further. Here are a few tips and tricks to help.
  • Using an in-shower moisturizer is a really quick tip that can save you quite a lot of time. Once you’re washed, use it before getting out of the shower, and it will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, without having to dry off and then moisturize.
  • If your hair doesn’t need a wash just yet, but it is looking a little limp, then use a shower cap in the shower, and use dry shampoo on your hair afterward. An article from explains how dry shampoo works and how it can help add volume to your hair. So it could even be worth using when you don’t have time to curl your hair or apply a lot of hairspray.
  • Using a BB cream instead of a foundation can speed up time. And for an everyday look, a BB cream is all that you really need. As it is multi-purpose, moisturizes and gives coverage, it is the perfect solution. You don’t have to be as precise with the application either, as you can just rub it all in with your hands.
  • If you’re really short on time, then one thing that can make a difference to your look is the color that you put on your lips. When you have a bold lip color, you need very little on your eyes. So if you’ve only got time for a quick coat of mascara, then quickly apply some lipstick, and you’ll be good to go.
  • If you use an eyebrow pencil and then shade your brows in, then it can be really time-consuming. One quick way to still get a good look with your brows is by using a brow mascara, like the ones they have at All it takes is a few quick strokes of the brush, and you’re done. You can use the pencil and powder for occasions when you have more time, if at all.
  • If you like to contour your face, then a way to speed it up is the ‘three’ technique. All that it involves is drawing a three shape with a large brush on each side of your face (one side will be a reverse number three, of course). It gives you some definition without having to spend a long time being precise.
So as you can see, just a few quick changes can completely change your morning routine. You’ll be ready in next to no time at all.


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