Pencil in Pensacola, FL for Your Next Active Vacay

Lazing around and not doing much of anything is the perfect vacation for some. If you’re more of an active person, who can’t sit still for long, you probably want something a bit more active. An active vacation allows you to get out and see the great outdoors, enjoying both natural and urban landscapes. You can explore somewhere new while keeping fit at the same time. Getting active all year can be a challenge if you don’t like the cold, but Florida is the perfect choice for warm weather 12 months of the year. Pensacola not only offers plenty of culture, but also a stunning beach and hundreds of ways to get active.

Get Enthusiastic About Water-based Activities
You can’t choose Pensacola for an active vacation if you’re not willing to consider getting out on the water. There’s the beautiful shoreline, of course, with the Big Lagoon State Park a highlight for many people who want to keep fit. If you want to stay on top of the water, you can go boating, sailing and parasailing, or paddle in a canoe or kayak. For anyone willing to risk being in the water, there’s paddle boarding and surfing, plus diving, snorkelling and, of course, swimming. The warm waters offer opportunities to get in the water all year, through summer and winter.

Find Fun on Dry Land
Not everyone is so keen to get even a little bit wet. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on dry land, there’s still so much you can do around the Pensacola area. If hiking and walking are your thing, there are trails and tours aplenty. Take the family on a super-short hike of half a mile at Johnson Beach when you walk the Discovery Nature Trail. Try a longer walk at Big Lagoon or Tarkiln Bayou Reserve state parks if you want to do a few miles. Or you can even walk through downtown on a trail like the Pensacola Cultural Heritage Trail. There’s always the option to get around by pedal power too.

Choose the Right Accommodation
Choosing the right place to stay can make a huge difference to your active vacation experience in Pensacola. Not only can your accommodation put you close to all the best spots, but it could also offer you further amenities to help you keep moving. SpringHill Suites Pensacola Beach is just one available option, putting you close to the beach and providing a biking trail, fitness center, and swimming pools. Some people might like to rent an apartment or house with a pool, which is a great way to stay fit every day without having to go anywhere.

Check Out Some Indoor Fitness Activities
Pensacola has magnificent weather so you can get outdoors all year. However, some people prefer to get fit indoors because they prefer the controlled environment. Pensacola has plenty of indoor activities for fitness enthusiasts too, including fitness classes ranging from boxing to yoga. If you enjoy climbing, you can also find several nearby climbing gyms. Swimmers can seek out indoor pools, and there are family-friendly indoor waterparks too.
You could choose to spend your time in Pensacola lying on the beach, but it’s so easy to stay active on your vacation. There’s a lot to see and do, so get out and explore.

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