Take Your Soul To The Discovery Of The Most Magical American Landscapes

It can be odd to imagine the appeal that Northern America has had on millions of people in the past centuries. The American dream was a dream of success, prosperity, new start in life, and more importantly new horizons. And that’s precisely these horizons that converted tired and motivated immigrants to the very concept of the American dream. While you don’t need to jump on the next boat to cross the ocean and start a new life in the US, you can still discover the magic of the infinite landscapes that the first American pioneers and many more later have fallen in love with. How did the USA become at one point in its history the modern promised land? Maybe that’s a question that you can answer easily by booking your flight and letting the natural beauty of some of the American sites take you to a new dimension. What are those landscapes that make your soul travel further than ever before?

Experience a transcendental landscape
Everyone has once seen a river at the bottom of a gorge. But that’s nothing compared to the transcendental beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Not only does it make you feel tiny in the universe, but you can also experience a sense of order and unity that goes well beyond the human power. There’s a form of spiritual presence in the Grand Canyon, at least that’s what the native Indians used to say. It only takes a rafting trip on its waters to understand what they meant. The wind in your face, the infinite rocks at your side and the spectacular changing landscape as you navigate your way through. It’s hard to believe that Mother Nature could have built such wonders!
Discover the surreal southern adventures of Texas
People travel,n fall in love with new places and stay. That’s probably what describes best the melting pot population and culture in the USA. But no state can portray it as well as Texas that combines country music, stargazing landscapes, lavender fields, kayak adventures, and even the excitement of picking up Topaz gems off the ground. You can choose to sleep in a beautiful German garden to wake up to the smell of rosemary, or you can decide on something more convenient with the Woodland Inn in Humble. It’s this surreal mixture of natural landscapes and man-made structures that gives a new meaning to open-mindedness.  

Go camping by the most beautiful lake in the US
The Lake Tahoe is said to be the most beautiful lake in the country, and it’s easy to understand why when you see its clear waters and its breathtaking surroundings of mountains, forests and beaches. While it’s a mesmerizing site all year round, it’s a place that you want to see in summer especially when you can go camping and wake up to the sound of water. It’s the kind of sight that immigrants discovered centuries ago, and it’s probably the reason why they chose to stay.

Lake Tahoe

Take your soul on a journey you won’t forget and let the most famous American landscapes introduce you to a new side of Mother Nature.

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