The Best Party Dresses for Curly Women

If you want to look your best this party season,
you might want to find the perfect dress to go out in. If you have a curly
figure, you might want to choose certain dresses that make you look feminine,
stunning, and radiant. Below you will find some ideas on choosing your ultimate
evening dress that emphasizes your shape.
Layered Cami Maxi Dress
A little longer than usual maxi dress with a
careful layering around the waist can do a lot of magic. You can combine this
with a lovely bolero, or add a scarf and different accessories. If you use a
cut out maxi dress to emphasizeyour femininity, you can appear
stylish, sophisticated, and unique at the same time.
Hourglass Figure? Not a Problem!
If you have an hourglass figure, you will need
to make your shoulders look larger, and slim down your waist and hips. If you
get a kimono style dress with a V-neck detail, or a shirt dress with buttons
going all the way down, as well as a clever belt in the middle, you can be the
best looking girl at the party. If your shoulders are smaller than your hips,
you will have to wear either long sleeved of three-quarter sleeved dresses to
visually balance your looks.
Sequin Works for Curly Girls
If you thought that sequin was only for skinny
girls, you were wrong. It can be perfect combined with a loose skirt and a
tight top decorated with sequins. It is festive, sparkly, and makes you stand
out from the crowd. A sequin party dress should be in your wardrobe, ready to
wear on different occasions; going to the opera, company Christmas parties, and
– most importantly New Year’s Eve.
Mandarin Dress
A loose fit Mandarin
with pastel colors and
limited contrast can be a winner. You can choose your main colors, and choose
matching accessories, to create the right look for any party. Have a discreet
floral pattern displayed on the dress, and combine it with a silk scarf,
headband, or belt.  
The Perfect Cocktail Dress for Plus Size Women
You can look at the current trends to find the
perfect cocktail dress, but your real inspiration should come from the 1920-s.
The fashion back then was more plain, and women knew how to hide and emphasize
their figure at the appropriate time. Look for prom dresses for inspiration, as well as those layered, loose flapperdresses that will make you look
slimmer and more fashionable. Don’t be afraid to use lace and see-through
materials, to make your looks more feminine.
Whether you are invited to this year’s New
Year’s Eve party at your workplace, or want to enjoy the party season in the
opera, you have to look outside the box when you choose the perfect outfit for
your curly figure. Use loose and layered soft materials, plenty of lace, and
make a statement about your curves you are so proud of.   

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