Learn To Love Your Curves With These Life-Changing Hacks

What do Marilyn Monroe, Kim K, and Kate Winslet all have in common? They are three of the world’s most loved women who have (or had) curves and are proud of them. Compared to the 90s and early noughties, today curves are seen as being a much more popular attribute to have, much like they were in the 1950s when curvaceous Marilyn Monroe was seen as being the epitome of beauty.

And yet, many women with curves are still ashamed or self-conscious of their bodies, when they shouldn’t be. Everyone has their body hang-ups, even the models that you see strutting down the runway have things that they don’t like about themselves. However, you can’t let your figure get you down – you should embrace your shape, not hide it. The question is, how can you learn to love your figure and feel more confident flaunting it?

Get a tan
This might sound like a strange piece of advice, but the fact is that you will always look (and feel) better with a tan. Take Kim K for example, she not only has regular spray tans, but she has her body contoured with tanning products. Why? Because tanned skin tends to look more toned. Curves are beautiful, but it can be hard to embrace them when you don’t feel toned or trim enough, which is where tan can come in. Whether you go DIY with fake tan or get a spray tan, it doesn’t matter, just steer clear of sunbeds and protect your skin. To learn more about fake tanning, resources like http://www.cosmopolitan.com/ can be useful.

Say goodbye to cellulite
If there is one thing that gets every girl down, it is cellulite. No one wants cellulite, that’s a fact, but it is just another part of life. Or, is it? The fact is that cellulite doesn’t have to be there, there are various ways that you can rid your curves of cellulite, it’s just a case of taking the time to do so. The good news is that along with anti-cellulite wraps and creams; there are also more natural approaches that you can take. For instance, resources like http://www.cellulite.com/ can be useful for when it comes to getting rid of cellulite once and for all. Cellulite doesn’t have to get you down; it’s easy enough to get rid of.

Dress for your figure
There are a lot of women that believe that this particular piece of advice – AKA dress for your figure – is offensive. However, it doesn’t mean there’s a certain way to dress for each body size and shape; it simply means dressing in a way that makes you feel confident. There’s no specific way different body sizes should dress; it’s all about choosing looks that make you feel confident and happy.

The fact is that curves are an incredible asset, whether you realize it or not. If you don’t already love your curvaceous hips and teeny tiny waist, hopefully, the tips above will help to change that, and teach you to love your body.

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