South Carolina, Here We Come!

If you fancy a trip to one of the US’s many amazing destinations, you might not have instantly thought about South Carolina. Sure, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles might have been the first destinations you thought about. But why not try and get away from all the usual crowds of tourists? You can certainly escape all the crowds in South Carolina!

So, ready to head south for your next vacation? Here are some really awesome reasons why you should head to South Carolina.

One of the most famous cities in South Carolina has to be Charleston. This buzzy city is known for its amazing food scene, brilliant music, and beautiful coastline. When you touch down in Charleston, it’s a good idea to book a walking tour. Your tour guide will take you through the streets of the city to some truly beautiful mansions and residences. Enjoy relaxing on the beach? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that you can do just that at the very scenic Folly Beach.

Book a few nights’ stay at the Crowne Plaza Greenville South Carolina so that you can explore the beautiful town of Greenville. You’ll find the Greenville County Museum of Art which features lots of great works by local artists. When you have got your art fix, you can always hit the restaurants to see what the town’s culinary scene has to offer. Once you’re full, you can head to Greenville Zoo to come face to face with some of its exotic residents.

Myrtle Beach
If you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend on your vacation in South Carolina, it’s very much worth stopping off at Myrtle Beach for a few nights. This is an upmarket seaside resort that is bursting with attractions and activity. Of course, you can laze on the sandy beaches if you simply want to relax, but there are also plenty of nightclubs, theater shows, and live music venues for those who want a bit more life in their travels. If you love a bit of golf, there are also a couple of well-maintained golf courses to chose from.

Hilton Head Island
If you want a very relaxing vacation, then head no further than Hilton Head Island. This island may be fairly small, but it offers an impressive twelve beaches! There are also 24 golf courses that you can practice your swing at as well. But the island isn’t all about lounging on the beach and chilling out – there are also lots of opportunities to try your hand at some adventure sports. Horse riding is also popular, and you will also find a few different tennis courts on which you can practice your serve.

So, as you can see, there is a lot on offer in the state of South Carolina! And these are just four locations that you might want to visit – if you do your research, I’m sure that you will find some more that tickle your fancy.
Have a great time on the road to South Carolina!

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