Alternative Ways To Travel In Style

Travelling is something we all try to do a good amount of in our lifetimes. It broadens the mind, soothes the soul and takes us away from the stress of daily lives. Most of us travel by passenger plane to our holiday destinations, and hire a rental car when we get there to explore new territory, but there are other great ways to travel. Why not take your adventure to the next level and use some alternative methods of transport?
Private Jet
You’d be forgiven for assuming that only the president or A-list celebrities have the pleasure of travelling on a private jet; but you’d be wrong. In fact using companies such as westpalmjetcharter, you can hire a private jet for the day or even a longer period of time to take you away in style. You could hire it for a hen do or stag night, or even book it for the duration of your honeymoon for a romantic getaway.
If you want to be mistaken for a celebrity while driving around your local area, hire a limo. It will take that girl’s night to a whole new level, allowing you and your friends to drink, dance and have fun while travelling to your destination. It is the best option for hen parties and stag dos, because the vehicle is large, impressive and full to the brim with alcohol. What could be better?
A yacht is the pinnacle of the upper class. Owning a boat immediately puts you in that elitist social class where beautiful women will flock to your side and enjoy long rides out to exotic places. In the real world though, you probably can’t justify purchasing a boat. However, that doesn’t stop you from hiring one for a week cruising around the islands of Greece or Spain. Let your hair down and enjoy living that lottery winner’s life, you may even spot some dolphins along the way.
If you’ve ever seen a Harley parked on the side of the road, you may have wistfully dreamt of one day riding on the open road, covered in leather. Driving a motorbike is much more fun that travelling in a car, and because you don’t have that metal cage around you, you feel more connected to nature and relaxed. It is also a great way to make some new friends, bikers are a friendly bunch, and if you happen to meet some you’ll have friends for life.
Vintage Car
The dream for many of us is to one day visit an old Victorian manor and revel in the splendour and magnitude of the 1800’s. However, if you can’t quite make it to the stately home they filmed Downton Abbey in, you can still enjoy a touch of the good old days without seeing the house itself. Vintage cars are stunning, small and offer so much more character than your regular people carrier. Hire a vintage car for your next party, or even use it to travel to your wedding.

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