It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back!

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Confidence is a strange thing. It’s a small word with a heck of a lot of baggage. It’s the kind of thing that many people wish that they had but assume that they’re never going to be in a position to get it. It can sometimes seem as though confidence is just something that some people are born with and some people are born without. However, that’s simply not the case. The reality is that confidence, like just about anything else in life, can be learned. In fact, a lot of people can end up losing confidence they once had. Which means that it’s also entirely impossible to get that confidence back again. Of course, it’s not always easy to do that. Here are a few simple ways that you can teach yourself to be confident again!

Walk tall
Posture can have a pretty remarkable impact on your confidence levels. That might sound kind of ridiculous, but it really is true. If you spend all of your time hunched over trying to make yourself look as small as possible, then you’re always going to want to hide away. However, if you stand up straight and tall then you’re going to find that people respond to you differently which can do wonders for your confidence. The next time you’re walking down the street, put some music in your headphones and walk tall like you’re the star of your own private music video!

Look younger
One of the things that can cause a lot of women to lack confidence is the feeling that they’re too old to be cool or fashionable in any way. This is totally ridiculous. After all, beauty and cool have no age limit! However, the world certainly does treat you differently as you get older. So why not make yourself look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside? Whether it’s through anti-ageing products like Jeunesse’s amazing Instantly Ageless or simply through keeping up with the latest fashion trends, embracing a youthful look can make a huge difference to how you feel on a day to day basis. Of course, if you don’t want to do that, embracing your age and just owning it is also a great way to build up your confidence.

Fake it!
Here’s the truth, pretty much everyone feels insecure and lacking in confidence from time to time. When you see other people strutting their stuff without a care in the world, there’s a good chance that they’re actually feeling just as insecure as you. The truth is that faking confidence not only helps project a certain image to the world, but after a while, you’ll get so good at it that it will stop being fake and the confidence you project will start to reflect how you actually feel inside.

Remember that confidence isn’t some completely static thing. You might feel incredibly confident one day, and then the next your insecurities might get the better of you. That’s completely okay; not everyone needs to be one top of their game every single day. You just need to remember that just because you’re not confident on one day, doesn’t mean that you’ve lost it for good!

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  1. Kristine
    December 8, 2018 / 2:25 pm

    Fake it until you make it! Why not, right? I can walk the talk and faking it will probably won’t work for me, I am too shallow. It is easy to be confident when there is something to be confident about though.

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