Find Your Nemo In The Dating Sea By Tackling These Three Personal Problems

Nobody loves the idea of singledom. Some women embrace it, and good for them. But, there will always be a part of them that wonders if the right man is out there. It’s human nature to seek companionship. Even if we do well on our own, it’d be nice to think we have a matching fish somewhere in this see.

Yet, after a series of broken relationship and date night blunders, even optimists may start to doubt the possibility of love. Every man you do date ends up hurting or hating you. It’s not exactly good for the confidence levels, ladies. Yet, we’ve all been there are some stage.

In truth, you may be struggling because you aren’t ready to find Nemo. When you’re ready for a man, he’ll come along of his own accord. Instead of tumbling into more failures, take some time out for you. Then, prepare for your next relationship by following these pointers.
Find inner peace
Be honest; how many of your past relationships ended in a blaze of rage? As much as you might like to blame the other party, the chances are that you gave as good as you got in those arguments. Sometimes, we fail to see how much our inner turbulence impacts our relationships. But, trust us; you weren’t actually THAT angry he forgot the milk. You were just venting your internal cacophony.
To ensure the same doesn’t happen again, focus on finding inner peace. You can do this in a variety of ways. The readers among you might want to turn to self help books, like those mentioned on Self Development Secrets. If reading isn’t your thing, try a meditation practice instead. Once you reach a sense of calm, you’ll be much better able to handle a big relationship and the issues that come with it.

Accept your own company
No one likes to admit they’re needy. But, we’ve all relied on partners at some point. Have you ever felt lost when a partner went out without you? Intense feelings of jealousy and abandonment can cause us to lash out at a partner who’s done nothing wrong. Make sure it doesn’t happen again by coming to terms with your own company. You need to be okay with who you are, and even enjoy time alone. That way, you’ll come to embrace those evenings when your partner’s seeing their friends. Desperation never looks good in love, after all. Living on your own can be fantastic practice for this, as can taking up private hobbies like knitting.

Wait for the right man

Many of us also make the mistake of jumping into relationships with the wrong men. When you’ve been alone for a while, the idea of company can convince you it’s love. But, things soon fall apart when you admit that they aren’t right for you. It’s hurtful to everyone. Instead, wait until the right person comes along. Take relationships slowly, and only commit once you’re sure that person is for you.

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