Date Night Blunders (And How To Remedy Them)

Don’t let the flame go
All couples need a date night occasionally, no
matter how long they have been together. This is the opportunity to reignite
the flames of passion, and to add some spice and fun that may have been missing
from the relationship because of busy lives. If you have a partner, you should
make the time to have a date night, no matter how hectic your schedule. Because
you may not have the opportunity to make this a regular thing, you want to
ensure the evening goes off without a hitch. For that reason, take a look at
the potential mishaps below. Some of them may already be familiar to you, but
if not, remind yourself not to make one of these flame-quenching mistakes.
Don’t worry though; we also have some damage control tips to help you recover
from these date night disasters.
You forgot to book a table
Imagine the scene. There’s a fancy new diner in town that you have been
desperate to visit. You and your loved one roll up at the place, looking
forward to the food delicacies within. Then disaster strikes. There is a queue
a mile long, and when you finally get to the front of the line, you are told
it’s ‘bookings only.’ Defeated, you tell them you didn’t want to eat at their
scruffy dive anyway and waltz out with a hungry belly.
Damage control: Remember to always book ahead, but if you make this faux
pas, consider eating at home instead. If you don’t want to cook, order from
your favourite takeaway and then cuddle up to your sweetie with a glass of wine
and a bowl of delicious nachos. You won’t have to
watch the eating habits of other dinner guests, and if you drop the tomato dip
down your dress, you won’t have the embarrassment of trying to cover up the
unsightly stain with a napkin.

You order the wrong food

You have managed to think ahead this time, and you have booked a place at the
new diner. After apologising for calling it a ‘scruffy diner’ the last time you
were here, the front of house staff finally permits you to sit at a table. The
fact they have placed you near the toilets, however, may be a direct result of
your rude comments. Still, you are here now, and you are determined to make the
most of it. You have starved yourself all day in preparation, but that’s the
problem. You eat so much food that you feel like a Thanksgiving turkey
afterwards. Not only that, but it was loaded with garlic. While your partner
isn’t a vampire, he will still be put off by your amorous advances later on
because of your toxic breath.
Damage control: While you don’t want to eat a lot throughout the day,
you can eat enough to curb your impulses when you’re looking at the menu. Not
only will you avoid that bloated feeling, but you will probably save yourself a
small fortune as well. If you do succumb to garlic, there are ways to defeat the odour. A little bit of gum
and some breath mints can work wonders.

You stick out like a sore thumb

Still at the diner (it really is popular), you realise you have botched the
dress code. You may have overheard somebody at the bus stop mentioning casual
clothing was fine for the eaterie, but she may not have meant the jeans and
t-shirt you have rocked up in. Your partner’s Hawaiian shirt is probably a
little bit too much as well, especially when compared to the elegant fineries
the other guests are wearing.
Disaster control: Avoid awkwardness by ringing ahead and asking about
the appropriate dress code. While many places will still let you in, despite
you wearing the wrong attire, other restaurants will turn you away at the door.
On the other hand, there are casual beautiful dresses that will still make
you look the part, whether you set foot in a place befitting royalty, or in a
place where seemingly anything goes!

You do the same old thing

It’s easier to go with what you know works for date night, but if you do the
same thing every time you go out for the evening, you will become bored
eventually. That diner we keep mentioning will start to lose its appeal when
you have tried everything on the menu, and your efforts to spark up your
relationship will become just another routine.
Disaster control: It doesn’t need to be said, but embark on new
experiences. It’s easy to fall back on old tropes, especially if you don’t have
time to plan, but you should make a concerted effort to be creative. There are
loads of date night ideas online, so you don’t need to look far when fuelling your
imagination. You want to create a memorable night together, so try something
different. There’s nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone
occasionally, and it will certainly give both of you something new to talk

Over to you

Let us know if you have ever made any date night blunders, or give us the heads
up on any ideas you may have for the perfect romantic evening. Thanks for
reading. You may also visit We Love Dates Facebook page for other tips.

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