The Key To Confidence: Finding Inner Peace

Do you battle with negative thoughts about your appearance on a regular basis? Do you doubt your own abilities or assets when it comes to applying for jobs, moving up the career ladder or making waves on the dating scene? We all have days when we don’t feel quite as confident as we should, but if low self-esteem is a permanent fixture in your life, it’s time to make some changes. A lack of confidence can hold you back and make every day a struggle. Here are some helpful hacks to find inner peace.

Working out what’s wrong
Can you put your finger on one flaw or an experience that makes you feel vulnerable or causes you to feel inadequate? Sometimes, people have specific issues, for example, their body weight or the shape or size of their nose, that make them lack confidence. In other cases, negative thoughts are linked to painful experiences in the past, for example, bullying, or unhealthy relationships. If you have friends or a partner that put you down all the time, it’s likely that you’ll start to believe what they’re saying to you. Often, in today’s society, we feel under pressure to look a certain way and achieve a certain set of life goals, and falling short of this can make us question our worth and feel like we’ve failed. Perhaps there’s a single cause or a number of issues that contribute to a lack of confidence. Whatever the reason, pinpointing causes can help you move forward.

Finding solutions that work for you
When you lack confidence, it’s so beneficial to try and take steps in the right direction. One of the main problems we face is putting too much pressure on ourselves. You may think that you’re not pretty or thin enough because you spend a lot of time flicking through fashion magazines or images like those posted on Instagram. The reality is that very few people have model proportions and the photographs you see are a tiny snapshot of the human population. These pictures are also enhanced with all kinds of software and editing tools that you probably don’t have on your own phone. This article about a fitness blogger is a really useful piece for demonstrating the difference photo editing can make

If you’re unhappy with your appearance, you may want to make changes like trying to lose weight by exercising or having a look at non-invasive treatments available at clinics like, but be realistic and do it for the right reasons. Make changes to make yourself happier, rather than others. Remember that nobody is perfect and that everybody has a different perception of beauty. It’s also so important to surround yourself with people who are there to build you up rather than bring you down. It’s always better to prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to choosing friends.

Do you lack confidence? Do you wish you could feel more comfortable in your own skin or be a better cheerleader for yourself when it comes to celebrating your good points? We all have imperfections. The key to confidence is learning to live with the flaws you can’t change, keeping the right people close to you and working on being a little kinder to yourself.

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