The Guy’s Guide to Travel Threads

Looking good on your travels might not be the ultimate goal, but you can still make an effort to be stylish as you travel. For guys, if the rugged backpacker look isn’t what you want to go for, there are other options for your image while you’re traveling. Whether you’re choosing outfits for yourself or you want to dress up your boyfriend, it’s not too difficult for guys to look sharp while they’re on vacation. In fact, only a few things are necessary to create a smart look that works for traveling. Start with these essential tips to pack the perfect suitcase.

Pack a Grooming Kit
Before you start thinking about clothes, generally staying hygienic and well groomed is the first thing you should consider. Everyone needs a toiletries kit for their travels, but don’t forget the important grooming items too. You’ll need to include a shaving kit or the right tools to keep facial hair neat and tidy. Some hair products for styling wouldn’t go amiss, as well as a comb or brush and perhaps a hair dryer. Other grooming products such as moisturizer or even a travel-size manicure kit are always useful. Don’t forget your usual items too, such as shampoo and soap.

Mix Smart with Casual
Any man who wants to look good traveling should consider going for a smart-casual look. Don’t go overboard with formal clothes, but don’t dress too casually, either. To avoid looking like a slob, even when in the middle of a long journey, choose clothes that are more tailored. You can also go for simpler items – a pair of flat-front shorts like the ones by Tori Richards will always look smarter than a pair of cargo shorts. You can even make a plain T-shirt look smart if it fits you well and you pair it with the right things. In a smart-casual outfit, you can look good and feel comfortable.

Choose Essential Basics
If you’re not sure where to start with your packing, taking a few essential items will help you. Things like a plain T-shirt and a button-down shirt that you can mix and match with other items will give you the foundation for any outfit. Remember to take things like your swimming trunks, shades, and a sensible pair of shoes that work for where you’re planning on going. If you choose carefully, you can have everything you need just by packing a handful of items.

Dress for the Setting
Remember to think practically too. Looking good is important, but you also need to have the right clothes for where you’re going and the activities you’re planning on doing. So if you’re planning to look as smart as you can, think about how to make your outfits practical too. If you’re going to be getting active, this might mean investing in high-end items if you want clothes that work for your activities but are also stylish.
Plan what to pack before traveling to create the best looks when you go. It’s not hard for men to look smart on their travels.

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