Skinny Jeans Style and Selection Guide

Skinny jeans can help create that sleek and
sexy look for both women and men. Find out how to make the right choice and
avoid wasting your hard earned cash in our quick guide. Often time’s sweaters
go very well with skinny jeans too. We have showcased a bunch of sweaters you
should consider with your jeans too.

Despite the name so called skinny jeans
aren’t just for those of us that might be considered as thin or skinny people.
The skinny style jean has been around for ages and is closely related to the
original straight leg jeans and denims.
As with a lot of styles it’s really more
about combining your straight or skinny cut jeans as part of the right outfit,
the basic idea in this case being to create a leaner look. Straight cuts are
great for those who are naturally curvy anyway. Instead of accentuating the
curves this just adds to more comfort whilst sacrificing the sexy side.
The overall look that you want to achieve
is usually down to your own personal preference, and might even be influenced
by other factors such as where you are going or who you are going with. Skinny
jeans are available in a variety of style variations from the extremely thin
and tight fitting to more relaxed variations, and if shopping online you can
find plenty of choice from any fashion
shopping website.
Fabrics also need to be considered, some
may be made of stretch fabrics for a closer fit while others may be standard
non-stretch material. Obviously they are available in a range of colours with
white, red and black all being very popular.
Remember that there are also other
variations such as high waisted and ripped skinny jeans if that’s the sort of
look that you prefer. You can find a great range of skinny jeans to choose from
including big brands and designer labels but there are a couple of things worth
noting before you go and start looking online.
A sophisticated look is often reached by
combining a skinny jean with a sweater. Sweaters are growing in popularity all
over the world. Sometimes eclipsing jumpers too. The skinny jean is tricky to
pull off for a lot of people. However if you are confident you can always
combine it with amazing tops you can find online to complete the look. If you
have thicker legs then this might not be a great choice.
You will usually find women’s skinny jeans
in a specific “skinny” category as you’d expect, but men’s skinny jeans are
often mixed in with the full range or sometimes under another category such as
“straight legged” or something similar, so you might have to dig around a
little to find exactly what you want. You’ll find a wide range of skinny
style jeans for both men and women at Stylewe. Shop at StyleWe. Or check out
the skinny jeans and many sweater styles available right here.

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