Camptastrophe: Keep Your Wits About You In The Wild

Are you thinking about doing something different on your next travel adventure? Then you might want to consider camping. Camping can be great fun and the chance to experience a whole new type of vacation that is both fun and thrilling. That said if you don’t make the right decisions, going camping can also be a nerve wrecking, spine aching, bore of an experience. So, let’s look at some of the best ways you can avoid a catastrophe.

Get The Right Sized Tent
The first tip is to make sure you are getting the right size of the tent for your camping trip. The general rule here is to get one bigger than you need and that’s a good point. So, if you’re travelling alone, get a two-person tent, and if you’re travelling with three people, a four-person tent would be the best option. It’s always good to have a little extra space. Otherwise, you’ll wake up in a tangle of limbs, and you don’t want that unless of course, it’s a romantic getaway. The right sized tent will also be good on rainy days when you have no choice but to stay inside and wait for the stormy weather to pass you over.

Be Sure To Pack Something To Lie On
You might think that you can rough it and sleep on the ground, but this isn’t a smart choice. You’ll wake up in the morning with a stiff back at best. The ideal option here is to pack a thin matt to lie on that you can roll up and tie to your backpack if you’re backpacking. If you’re not backpacking, you may want to think about bringing a far thicker, larger matt to sleep on. Camping is never going to feel like a five-star hotel, but with the right mat, you can wake up feeling like you’ve had a refreshing, great night of sleep.

Activities All Around
You need to pick your camping spot carefully. Ideally, you should think about camping at an official grounds. The reason for this is that sites like that often have a wide variety of great activities for campers from rock climbing to river rafting. If you are taking the family, you might even find that there are fantastic campsite sing songs and other fun activities. Camping by a lake? You could discover thrilling adventures from water skiing to windsurfing. Explore your options, and you are sure to find an adventure to suit your appetite.  

Check What’s Happening On The Day
Campgrounds should be quiet pieces of serenity, but they can also be bought out for a place to party and even hold a rave as one camper found out. So, unless you want to be surrounded by thumping music in the middle of nowhere, do check to find out if anything is organised on the campground at the time you are staying. Otherwise, it won’t be your back that’s hurting in the morning.

We hope you take this advice on board and have an awesome time camping, perhaps finding yourself in the wilderness.

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