Living It Up, Way Up In The Catskills

There’s a lot more to see in New York State than New York City itself if you weren’t already aware. Not too far a trip from the Big Apple are some of the biggest and most impressive natural beauty sights, as well. We’re talking, of course, about the Catskill Mountains. Here you can find the mix of outdoor adventure and lush luxury accommodation that makes for some of the best mountain holidays, whether you’re looking to hit the slopes or to enjoy some of the unique musical culture found amongst the peaks.

Go explore
Naturally, in places of such wild beauty, actually getting out in the wild is a must. The Catskills offer climbs and hikes for visitors of all fitness levels and ages. One of the most rewarding, however, is the Catskill Scenic Trail. As the name would have you believe, this brings you across some of the very best sights in the whole range. It begins in a lush farming valley, leading up along the Delaware River and to the impressive Grand Gorge, where you’re likely to see beavers and big game where the trail crosses Bear Spring. It’s perfect for walking, cycling, and even taking a ride on one of the old-fashioned tourist trains that move at just the right pace to let you take in the sights.
Enjoy some thrills
Many trials in the Catskills take you from the lower valleys up to some of the more scenic rises. If you want a mountain vacation, however, you might be looking for the excitement you can only find atop a mountain. Hunter Mountain is the second largest of the Catskills and perfect for those thrills. It’s one of the best ski locations in America in the winter, but the skyride, ziplines, and 4×4 trails offer plenty to do in the warmer seasons, too.
You don’t have to rough it up
The Catskills offer some great camping grounds, but if you want a ski holiday or you’re just looking for somewhere peaceful to enjoy a little comfort, It is dotted with great accommodation, too. In particular, the Windham seasonal rental homes give you a bit of privacy but within reach of Hunter Mountain and plenty of other hotspots known for their hospitality. If you don’t mind sharing accommodation, Hunter Mountain also has a world-class ski resort worth checking out.
Have a party
A little further away is the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, this isn’t just a place for art classes, galleries, and museum exhibitions, however. It is a social hub of the NY Catskills, offering some of the biggest and best music and art festivals throughout the whole year. Once the home of the world-famous Woodstock, it keeps the tradition alive with live events of all kinds. There’s music, film, wine-tasting and much more. The Center is never quiet. No matter what time of year you visit, you’re likely to arrive just in time for something new.
The Catskills are perfect for a week-long getaway, whether you want some secluded bliss that isn’t too far from your creature comforts or your first mountain vacation with the family suited to all ages.

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