New Season, New Look

We’re rapidly approaching the end of spring and the
beginning of summer. What does the summer season mean to you? For me, it’s the
chance to try out a completely different look. Think about it, when the sun
rises high in the sky and the weather’s just right, your entire wardrobe
changes. You might test out different makeup styles to match too, or perhaps
you’ll accessorize differently. It can be tremendous
fun picking out a new summer style and here are some quick tips to get you

New Do
 Perhaps you want to start altering your style by focusing on
your hair. In summer, you may want to try a chic pixie cut look. This hairstyle
becomes rather popular in the summer season, particularly in places with a hot
a climate for fairly obvious reasons. When it’s hot, we don’t want the weight
of our hair weighing us down. But, a cool, short cut can also make you seem
carefree, wild or spontaneous and if often perceived to be very stylish. There
are plenty of famous celebs who have slayed with the short cut from Katy Perry
to Emma Watson. Speak to your stylist and find out whether it would suit you.
Or, alternatively, change up the color and if we’re thinking
about summer, we can’t help but consider going blonde. Find out if blondes
really do have more fun on your next vacation. Or, perhaps just choose a color
at random. Bright colors are ultra stylish in summer and will certainly make
you stand out from the crowd.
Trending In Makeup
 If you’re thinking about changing your makeup style, lip
gloss is expected to be back big this season. So make sure your lips glisten
under the sun’s rays with the right kit. When you look for new makeup supplies,
you also want to make sure that you have the right eyeliner to create those
perfect little flicks and of course, the fairy look will be perfect for summer
fashion. To create the fairy look, you just need to use your eyeliner to create
dots around the edges of your eyes. This can look tremendous and quite
enchanting is done correctly.
Summer Wardrobe
 Summer wardrobe could be anything from long loose dresses to
jean shorts and crop tops. It’s up to you what type of summer wardrobe you’d
like to work with. In 2017, we’re heading back to the late 80’s with seaside
stripes. That’s right, if you have those red and white striped tops somewhere
in the back of your wardrobe, it might be time to pull them out again. Looking
for the perfect new color to bring into your collection? Yellow is the main
shade models are showing off in on the runway for summer. Yellow dresses, yellow
skirts, yellow shirts are all in style right now and the will make sure you
stand out on the beach.
Finally, you can’t go wrong with a few slogans and logos on
your tee. Express yourself, express who you are and how you feel with the
clothes that you choose to wear with choices that literally make a statement.
I hope you have fun using these ideas to bring a whole new summer
style to your world. 

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