The Best Wedding Day Jewelry

Choosing your wedding day jewelry is an important decision, so you must consider all of the options that are
available to you. You may not have control over every aspect of your wedding, but thankfully, the jewelry will be completely up to your discretion.
The Right Type of Jewelry
Along with carefully choosing the jewelry design and color, you will also need to decide which items of jewelry will best complement your dress and overall look. For instance, some wedding dress necklines are better suited
for no necklace at all. If you decide to forego the necklace, make sure to choose statement earrings or bracelets for your dress style. Once you have your statement piece, you can work on finding complementary pieces that enhance the whole look. If you will be wearing your hair down, you may want to wear studs because these won’t get caught in your hair. Studs, hoops, and dangling earrings look beautiful with an updo.
Handmade Items
There is no better occasion than your wedding to invest in one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry. This will ensure that your jewelry doesn’t match anything that anyone has ever seen before. Search for pieces that look like a work of
art, but don’t look like they will the spotlight on your special day. Visit online boutiques or artisan designer jewelry stores for a better idea of which items are right for you. Items that look antique or vintage can complement nearly any style wedding dress. If you don’t already have “something old” and “something borrowed” in your ensemble for good luck on your wedding day, then you may want to borrow some vintage jewelry or family heirlooms from your grandmother or your fiancé’s mother.
Bridal Sets
Some jewelry stores offer bridal sets, which include various pieces of jewelry that complement each other. You can also find items that complement the bridal party’s jewelry, without matching it exactly.
Pearls and Diamonds
Your wedding day jewelrshould be timeless to complement your look. Pearls and diamonds
are a girl’s best friend and can enhance your natural beauty. Make sure to leave enough time to find the perfect items for your dress and overall appearance.

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