How to Make Daily Health Habits a Part of Your Self-Care

Self-care doesn’t just mean chugging down a green smoothie and washing your face every night. There are plenty of things you can do in the day to take care of yourself. Getting in some “me time” will actually help all the areas in your life. It will clear your mind of stress and anxiety and allow more space for more creativity, productivity and joy.

1. Set the Alarm Ten Minutes Earlier

Try to wake up a little earlier every day and give yourself a moment to relax before rushing into things. Losing those few minutes of sleep so that you don’t have to get ready in a hurry are worth it. You could do something small like drinking your coffee sitting down instead of on the go, or perhaps you could take a moment to meditate. Visualising what you want your day to look like will help cut down any negativity. You can set the tone for your entire week with the way you begin your mornings. If you start off calm and relaxed, other tasks and errands will come easier.

2. Schedule Time for Socialising

Figure out your schedule and find some time each day, when you are not working, to talk to friends and family. If you don’t have time to see them, talk to them on the phone. Call them up just to see how they are doing and tell them about your day. Your relationships are what will keep you grounded when life gets tough, so nourish them. People with a healthy social life are more resilient to everyday stress.

3. Work on Working Out

Sure, you walk to the office every day, but it’s time to face reality and put in some real exercise time. Perhaps joining a gym is not for you because the opening hours aren’t manageable or maybe you are just a very independent person that likes their privacy. There is no need to go to any sort of studio, you can very easily research and design a workout program to follow at home. Look for some exercise and gym equipment you can get for your apartment that will get you moving. Fit balls and dumbbells are great, but consider something that will up the ante a bit like a treadmill or a stationary bike. Doing cardio is one of the most important elements of exercising because it will not only help you work on those muscles, it will literally prolong your life.

4. Do Some Doodling

Get yourself a journal and start writing about your days – even about things that may seem trivial. Venting could help you deal with any pressure you might be experiencing at work or in your love life and a journal is a great outlet for that. On days you are feeling too exhausted for your own thoughts, open up that journal still, and doodle. Letting your mind go and scribbling nonsense drawings is also a way to help yourself relax.

5. Let Your Imagination Go

Read, but don’t just read books that are related to your current project. Find a fictional story that will help you escape into a whole different universe. Give yourself a break and let that wild imagination of yours run. You will learn to think differently and you will find that the solution to a problem you’ve been having, will present itself to you where you least expect it.

6. Don’t Let Showering Be a Chore

No matter how busy you are, you have to wash yourself. However, instead of making your shower an automatic task you must do, try to turn in into a spa-like experience. Light a really fancy scented candle and put on some relaxing jazz. Go all out and get yourself some really big, extra soft bath towels. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself with self-care products every once in a while.


Putting yourself first is something that requires effort before it becomes the positive habit that it should be. Once you do make happiness and self-care an important part of your day, you will start making better choices and performing to the best of your ability.

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