Dealing with Premature Graying

There was once a time when grey hairs were a thing of worry for people past their 50s. However, in today’s situation, people tend to spot their first grey hair as early as 16. The average age for sporting grey hair has become the late 20s to early 30s. Premature graying is the process of developing grey hair at a young age.

The cause of this can be hereditary as well as due to lack of nutrients. A lot of factors are attributed to graying of hair, such as stress. Stress can affect you in multiple ways and this is one of them. There are a lot of solutions to prevent and treat these greys.  There are ways to prevent this process and control it as well.

Another factor that can add to graying is coloring your hair. Usage of cheap color variants can damage hair follicles and cause breakage and damage along with premature graying. Care should be taken to not go overboard regarding hair styling as well. Excess exposure to heat and chemicals can cause hair to get severely damaged.

It is advisory to stay clear of permanent hair color options until the greys have accumulated to around 45% of your total hair volume. There are plenty of products that are designed to hide the greys, which can be put to use.

For different individuals, the cause of premature graying can vary. Genetics may be the sole reason for grey hair in a particular individual while thyroid may be the reason for grey hair in another person. It is important to know what may be the cause of this situation before you seek a cure.

Causes of Premature Graying

Hair follicles have pigmentation cells in them called melanin. This is the compound that determines the natural hair color to be dark or light. A person with higher levels of melanin content develops dark hair and an individual with lower levels tend to develop blonde hair.

As the generation of these pigments reduces, you tend to have more grey hairs. As age increases, the cells reduce and their production reduces as well. The loss of these cells at a younger age can be attributed to a number of factors which have been examined further.

In addition to genetics and stress, another reason for premature graying may be due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12. The absence of this vitamin tends to speed up the graying process. Another possibility is due to thyroid problems and other health issues. When you undergo a chronic illness and the treatment for it for a period of time you may some increase in grey hairs.

Lack of nutrition can cause graying as well. Smoking is another reason that is attributed to premature graying. The chances of premature graying are a smoker is four times more than that in the case of a non-smoker.

Preventive measures for premature graying

Here are a few tips for premature graying . They help reduce the chance grey hair in you and also control the existing ones. Stress reduction is the primary task at hand if you have undergone a massive change in hair color. A healthy diet forms the second measure to follow. Nutrients and proteins can strengthen hair, prolong the lives of the color giving cells and help generate more. Involving more protein into your diet will generate keratin, hence adding more strength to your hair follicles as well as your nails.

Nourishing the hair externally is another manner in which you can increase the health of your hair. Having oil massages once in a few weeks and avoiding the use of harsh shampoos can do wonders for your hair. Care should be taken to not use perfumed oils as they contain alcohol and are not ideal for hair strength. Regular checkups for thyroid and other health issues should also be conducted to ensure your health.

There are plenty of home remedies available for graying hair as well. Consumption of curry leaves in your diet tends to reduce chances of grey hairs on your scalp. Amla juice, ginger-honey paste, concentrated tea, and henna are all ways you can reduce grey hairs at home. Staying away from direct sunlight is another way to reduce the chances of grey hair.

You can opt for natural coloring options in case you want to cover up some of the grey hairs that have accumulated on your scalp. It is advisable to avoid chemical colors as they may add on to the damage.  You can also adapt hairstyles that do not fixate on the differently colored hair. This will prevent additional exposure to sunlight as well.

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