Queenstown: Great Hospitality, Watersports And Moutainside Dining

Think of the term ‘down under’, what comes to mind? The two nations that come to mind are Australia obviously, but also New Zealand. Their cultures are similar and both are part of the Anglosphere with Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State. Unlike Australia however, New Zealand is an exotic paradise with plenty of water and tropical species. Perhaps it’s overlooked and this works to it’s advantage sometimes. There are far fewer people that live in New Zealand and thus, the environment and landscape are largely intact. And, even more so than it’s cousin, New Zealand has an affinity with colder weather and indeed, settlements that have stayed in these cold areas. Queenstown is one such resort town that would give the French Alps a run for it’s money, not just in beauty, but in how well visitors are catered for.

On the water

To the south of Queenstown, directly in front of the town is Lake Wakatipu, and just straight to the east is Frankton Arm, which is a bay. With smooth waters almost all-year-round, there are plenty of watersports you can do here. Mainly though, there are jet boat services that many people get on and ride, with an expert driver. However, you can also ride some high-powered jet skis on your own. If you don’t know how to ride one, then an instructor will happily train you. On the other hand, they can take you for a 1-hour tour along the shoreline and show you some of the hidden secrets that are either hard to get to or simply not known by the majority of people.

A splendid stay

Hospitality is done right in Queenstown, as the comfort and pleasure of tourists and visitors is respected greatly. If you click here, you’ll find a brilliant apartment complex that is kept to the highest order of cleanliness and quality. They have two-bedroom lake view apartments that have a maximum capacity of four people. The decor is modern and stylish, and each apartment features it’s own dining area and personal lounge. The floors are heated for both the bathroom and kitchen, and the kitchen is fully equipped if you would like to cook for yourself. You have pretty much everything you need to be catered for and the view is exceptionally good. Watching the sunrise through the tall trees that shower the mountains is worth the trip alone.

Got time to hang?

The Queenstown Stratosfare Restaurant and Bar is perched on Bob’s Peakat Skyline, and you can ride the Gondola up to its doors. The Gondola base is around a 10-minute walk from downtown Queenstown, so it’s not difficult to find or get to. The restaurant serves a buffer for dinner and lunch. Local produce is used so you get an authentic taste from almost every dish. They have soups, a salad bar, seafood, a flame rotisserie, a sushi bar and sweet treats to end the night off.

Queenstown has been gifted with still waters which make it great for watersports. Ride the jet boat or the jet ski at ripping speeds and discover passes and stops along the shoreline not known by many locals even. Finish off the day in your modern decor apartment, or in one of the great restaurants that serve locally sourced produce.

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