7 Uncomplicated Beauty Hacks Lazy Girls Will Love

Who doesn’t love saving time, energy, and effort? Lazy girls know what a pain it can be trying to look beautiful every day, wasting away precious hours on getting into full makeup and personally styling their hair to perfection. Don’t bother. There are plenty of tricks you can use to look fantastic more quickly.

With these essential beauty hacks, you can be gorgeous every day and for years to come. Very little assembly, effort and time are required.

  1. Cucumber Prevention Strategy

Touching up and covering up blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, and other unsightly issues take up a ton of time. To avoid all of that mess, just take preventative measures. Prevention strategies in beauty routines are quick and easy. They ultimately spare you plenty of time and effort that would otherwise be spent trying to make up for less-than-beautiful issues.

Your best lazy girl trick for prevention? Cucumber. Place slices on your eyes while you kick back in true lazy, relaxed fashion. Rub additional slices or straight cucumber juice on your skin on the face and anywhere on the body that needs a little moisturizing and acne treatment. Cucumber will cleanse your skin, sanitize it against bacteria, and help to take care of dark circles under the eyes, acne, and other issues before they are even noticeable.

  1. Combine Moisturizing and Acne Fighting Treatments

There’s no good reason not to combine several parts of your beauty routine into one simple step. For instance, when you go to moisturize your skin, add a few drops of tea tree oil or another acne fighting agent to the lotion. That way, you take care of multiple skin needs at once. This saves your time and effort. It can also make these different aspects of skincare more effective as each factor builds upon the others.

  1. Overnight Hair Styling

Want to wake up with perfect curls or beach waves? Maybe with pin straight hair? You can make that happen by letting your hair work itself while you are asleep. You can’t enjoy lazy productivity any better than when you’re sleeping.

Check out these overnight hair styling hacks:

  • Rolled top knots for bouncy curls
  • Hairband twists for loose, beachy curls
  • Braided ties for funky textured hair
  • Straighten, pin, and cover with a scarf for straight hair

Although simple, these hacks create a look that will fool people into thinking you worked hard to look great.

  1. Spot Treat Blemishes

Waking up to or otherwise discovering a pimple is the lazy girl’s nightmare. Who has time to deal with that? Now, you do. You don’t need to apply foundation and take the time to cover your whole face in makeup just to conceal one little blemish. Instead, just spot treat.

Start by using an agent like tea tree oil to disinfect a pimple and reduce the inflammation. Then, just gently apply concealer in the area. Be sure to dot the surrounding skin in the area and to blend it in well. This should take just a few seconds with practice.

  1. Distract Using Your Hot Spots

Prepping your face, laying the foundation, adding concealer, and then applying each type of makeup to each part of the face can take what seems like forever. Chances are, you don’t need to put in that much effort to look gorgeous. Instead, just makeup your hot spots to highlight your best features.

If you have great eyes, wear a little mascara or add a light eyeliner under the eye to bring them out. Dab a bit of blush on each cheek. You can even use your best lipstick color on your cheeks as the blush as well as on your mouth. When it comes to quick, feature-enhancing makeup, sometimes less really is more.

  1. Save Water and Time: Use Dry Shampoo

Lazy girls know that washing their hair every day is overrated. Many argue that it isn’t even healthy to shampoo the hair daily. Instead of washing and shampooing, use dry shampoo. This will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy without all the hassle. For the best results, lift the hair as you apply dry shampoo spray so that it gets close to your roots.

  1. Skip Excessive Nourishing Creams and Stick with the Anti-Aging Type

Using tons of different skin care products to replenish, nourish and care for your skin can be overkill. Simplify and save your time, money, and effort. Just use one product on a daily basis. Make it anti-wrinkle cream.


Regardless of your age, the anti-wrinkle cream is helpful because it contains so many nutrients and does so much to help the skin maintain its health and its natural glow. Anti-wrinkle creams typically moisturize, repair, revitalize, and soften skin all while bolstering it with nutrients that keep the skin young. There are many of creams available on the market today, but whether most of them work remains a question of debate. So basically, anti-wrinkle creams are a lazy girl’s all-in-one smart choice.

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