Don’t Let Jet Lag Ruin Your Trip!

If you’ve got a trip planned, there’s a good chance that you’ve been on a countdown for weeks, maybe even months. The last thing you want when that magical day finally comes around is to lose your vacation to jet lag. Jet lag is a common problem for travellers who cross time zones, and it can really take the shine off far-flung adventures. The good news is that there are ways of keeping jet lag at bay.

This useful infographic offers tips to prepare yourself for a holiday in a different time zone. It uses the example of flying from Paris to New York, which covers six time zones. To get yourself ready for the changes ahead, it’s wise to prepare in advance. As you can see from the image, the idea is to get your body used to the new time zone before you touch down at the airport. In this example, as the traveller is journeying to a location six time zones away, prep for the trip begins 6 days before departure.

Infographic design by Mattress Advisor

The first day of jet lag prevention involves adjusting bedtimes and morning alarms by one hour, meaning that you go to bed and get up an hour earlier than normal. Continue with this pattern, setting your bedtime and your wake-up time an hour earlier than the day before. By the time your hotly-anticipated holiday comes around, you should be familiar with the time zone in your chosen destination. You can adapt this model to any trip, provided that you know how many time zones you are crossing. You simply start the process of preparation earlier or later depending on the number of different zones.

Nobody wants to miss out on sightseeing, excursions or adrenaline-pumping activities because they can’t physically keep their eyes open. Hopefully, this infographic will help you conquer jet lag and make the most of every minute of your trip!

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