Accessories That’ll Up Your Style Game

When it comes to style, the one thing you need to make it work is personality. It’s not just about copying celebrities and buying whatever is currently popular, it’s about a certain creative touch as you put together your outfits. Of course, clothes aren’t the only thing that makes a good outfit – indeed, a good accessory can change the whole game and make you stand out, and it takes a certain skill to always pick the best kind of embellishment to complement your garb.

For those of you who are eager to learn all about skillful accessorizing, here are some of the basics that any girl can utilize, and a lot of them are stuff you already have lying around your closet!

Cute little scarf

If you don’t wear scarves, you’re missing out on a lot of fun styling! You must have a few silken, colorful kerchiefs lying around the house, and you’d be surprised at what a versatile accessory they can be. From tying it to the handle of your bag, to wearing it around your neck in a French way, to using it as a hair scarf – there are so many options and all you really need to do is experiment and see what looks good. To take your hair styling to the next level, incorporate a scarf into your next updo and enjoy the dose of elegance it gives you.

Big earrings

When you’re rushing out of the house and need to put together a quick outfit you can always rely on a little black dress as a really good go-to. But how do you make it look less plain? Jewelry, of course! A huge pair of earrings can go a long way in making you look more put-together, and the best part about this is that you need virtually nothing else. We recommend finding big, statement earrings that really catch the eye, and maybe a bright pop of lipstick. You can be out the door in no time.

Trendy belt bag

Since the belt bag trend is back, grabbing a cool little piece is a great idea if you want to be in vogue and have a very practical, no-fuss accessory with you. Either go with the sporty route and grab something to complement your athleisure look or go with a leather bag and use it to cinch in your button-downs or wear it at the hip. You can match your shoes to the bag, and maybe tie a leather bracelet around your wrist to further give it that steampunk vibe.

Pair of sexy glasses

We’re slowly ditching the microglasses trend and embracing big, sexy, and feminine kind of models that look good on almost all face shapes. If you need them for vision instead of sun protection, we recommend that you pick stylish glasses frames with a slight cat shape that will make your eyes stand out and look more piercing. This kind of shape is slightly sultry and very ladylike, so they can definitely up your fashion game. Trust us, if you wear glasses, then do yourself a favor and get a really nice frame – after all, this is the one thing you wear every day, so why not use the opportunity to make it into a pretty accessory?

Retro belt

We all have a wide belt lying somewhere in the back of our closet, and it’s high time we bring it out again. Waist belts are really good at giving your body more of an hourglass shape by cinching you in, and if you like to wear high-waisted pants or pencil skirts, then you’ve just got to utilize a good belt. Tuck your blouse in, belt your skirt, and enjoy the sexy feminine silhouette. Pair this with some stilettos and you’ll be a real bombshell!

Straw bag

Yet another trendy accessory that we love because it promises to be a versatile, lasting piece that we won’t have to ditch as soon as the season is over. Straw and rattan bags and backpacks are on all the runways, but they’re not appropriate just for beachwear. Most of them are in a neutral color that’s really easy to pair with any kind of look. Wear it with a pair of wedge sandals and a maxi dress, or wear it to complement your wide-leg boho pants and silk blouse.

Statement shoes

Every gal needs to treat herself to a pair of completely impractical, yet totally gorgeous shoes. Similar to big earrings, sometimes you can just let the shoes do all the work and pick a completely neutral, bland outfit that will pop as soon as you slip on your leopard-print slides or your red thigh-high boots. This is especially recommended for gals who love their black, navy, and nude garments and can’t seem to find a way to stand out in them.

One last tip before we go – find a signature lipstick. A good lipstick can make any kind of outfit more polished, and it’s easy to apply if you just keep a tube in your bag. Whether it’s a delicate nude or a bright red, find your color and stick to it.

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