Attention, Busy Women: Dressing For Comfort Doesn’t Mean You Have To Become A Frump!

When we’re young and carefree it seems like nothing matters more to us than our sense of style. We can all think back to a time we wouldn’t even think about leaving the house without having carefully considered each and every item of our outfit, accessorized rigorously, coiffed our hair to perfection and made our full face of makeup a work of art. We lived to be seen and snapped and talked about. We became accustomed to admiring glances and conversations in hushed tones about how we put our sensational looks together. But, alas, those days are a way behind you in your rear view mirror.

It’s not like you simply stopped caring about the way you looked over night. It was far more gradual than that. The trouble with life is that as it ladles on more responsibility, we struggle to make time for ourselves. In a capricious and uncertain economy, most of us are working hard and putting in more hours than ever to jobs that barely give us recompense for our efforts. What little free time we have, we try to use as productively as possible, but with so much to do, between keeping the home clean and tidy, getting whatever exercise we can, cooking nutritious meals and resisting the allure of fast food it can be a nightmare finding time to scrape together anything remotely resembling a social life. And that’s if we don’t even have kids. For the parents among us, simply getting from one day to the next can feel like an assault course designed for Navy SEALs.

Older and wiser, not sadder and frumpier
Inevitably, this leads us to compromise on our appearance. Who has time to put on a full face of makeup, scrutinize their wardrobe and craft their hair into a thing of beauty? We learn the value of comfort. We stop buying nice things and start buying sweatpants, hoodies and baggy tee shirts. We buy things that we can move around in yet feel comfortable as we navigate the minefield that is busy 21st century life and / or parenthood. Then on the rare occasion we get to try any of our nice clothes on we’re mortified to find that they no longer fit. While liberating yourself from a slavish devotion to fashion can be a good thing, everyone deserves to look good, feel confident and turn heads. As we get older, we simply need to rethink our priorities. Keeping the roof over your head, the bills paid and food on the table will always take priority, unless you want to bury yourself in credit card debt. But just because you don’t have the free time or disposable income to embody glam the way you once did, doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house feeling self conscious about the way you look.

You’re older and wiser, not sadder and frumpier. If life and parenthood mean you have to plan your wardrobe with certain practicalities in mind, this needn’t come at the expense of your confidence or sense of self. The way we dress, whether we like it or not, communicates a great deal to the world around us. If you spend every moment outside of work in sweatpants, hoodies and a haggard expression you’re saying “life has beaten me!”. Here, we’ll look at quick and comfortable looks that can take you from 0 to glam in minutes. After all, you’re going for older and wiser not sadder and frumpier…

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Zero maintenance skincare
If there’s one thing that you need to be able to wear with pride, it’s your own skin. But even if you have drawers bulging with primers, foundations, concealers, eye palettes and lip glosses, you likely don’t have time to apply them. Thus, you need to be able to leave the house every day feeling good about the way you look, even if you don’t have time to wear makeup (although, if you can scrape 15 minutes together you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish). If you want healthy, youthful glowing skin day in and day out but don’t have time to commit to an exhaustive skincare regimen, here are some great tips to follow;

  • Stay hydrated (8-10 glasses of water a day)
  • Get plenty of vitamin C (it helps your body to produce plumping collagen)
  • Wash your face twice a day (and get it right)
  • Eat your greens (the chlorophyll will help give your skin a youthful glow)
  • Remove your makeup with coconut oil.
  • Get plenty of sleep.

Start from the shoes and work your way up
Let’s face it, even the best looks can be completely spoiled by the wrong shoes. Your ensemble may be a picture of beauty, grace and elegance, but if you’re wearing crocs?!? The whole outfit is instantly ruined. But, of course, nobody expects you to navigate the school run in 5 inch heels either. We’ve been conditioned that our footwear is one area above all in which we must make a choice. We must choose between comfort and style and never the twain shall meet. But that simply isn’t true! Just head on over to ands you’ll see a wide range of pretty shoes that walk the line, offering both style and comfort from open toed sandals to oiled suede boots. The right shoes do a whole lot more than make your feet look pretty (although, sure, they do that too!). Your shoes can change your height, lengthen the leg to make it look more flattering, change the way you stand, alter your gait and lend you a sense of balletic grace even as you tackle your day with gusto. The wrong shoes, however can make you look shorter, dumpier or lead to foot pain and even joint damage.  

Switch out the leggings every once in a while
It’s easy to see why so many busy Moms and professionals virtually always wear leggings. They’re cheap, they’re practical, they’re flattering on any shaped leg and they go with pretty much anything. The trouble is that they don’t exactly scream glam, and if you’re wearing them day after day, they’ll likely show signs of wear pretty quickly. Nobody needs to see the hole in your inner thigh as you bend down to pick up your purse.

Switch out the leggings for skinny black jeans or jeggings, or a simple drawstring pant. You’ll get all the same comfort with a little more sophistication.

Stylish loose tops, not baggy tees
Like your leggings, the allure of the baggy tee is understandable, especially on a busy hot Saturday. You don’t want to wear anything form fitting that will make you feel sweaty or self conscious as you navigate a crowded mall desperately weaving through the women who look like they’ve just stepped off a Tom Ford runway. But instead of the unflattering baggy tee, embrace loose fitting tops that offer you the same airy comfort but are a lot more stylish and flattering. A button up shirt, a cosy sweater or a long sleeved tee are all great choices. If you simply must wear your baggy tee, you might be able to pull it off with panache if you…

Layer, layer, layer
It’s the first rule of fashion but one we have a tendency of breaking at the slightest provocation. Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean you should abandon layering. Layering can elevate and even transform your more modest garments and add a dash of glam to a comfortable ensemble. As summer scarf and a loose fitting vest are perfect bedfellows on a hot spring day. Likewise even the dowdiest of tees can be revitalized with a form fitting leather (or faux leather for vegans) jacket. These are great because they stretch and mold to your body for a flattering yet comfortable fit. Weather too cold for leather? How about a knitted jacket or peacoat instead?

A dress to impress shouldn’t cause distress
For those of us who don’t have time to dedicate to looking great, the thought of stepping out in a dress probably gives us the hives. But the humble dress is a broad church, encompassing so many fabrics, textures and styles that the possibilities are allbut limitless. In fact, it takes less time to pull most dresses over your head than it does to climb into a pair of sweatpants and if you find the right dress it can offer the same level of comfort with some welcome ventilation. Jersey knit material is great for dresses which you can just throw on and go but if you’re looking for something a little more bohemian, a maxi dress can be a flattering fit on any frame.

Hair today, gone in 5 minutes!
Before you step out, we need to talk about the hair. If time’s a factor, the urge to pull it right back into a ponytail is understandable, but it’s not the only option open to you. Check out these 23 hairstyles which can be pulled off in 5 minutes or less.

Just because you have a busy lifestyle shouldn’t mean that you forfeit your right to feel good about yourself!

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