A Few Important Truths to Remember When a Loved One Passes

One of the hardest experiences for anyone to come to terms with is the passing a loved one.

Even with modern technology and businesses such as https://www.memorials.com/cremation-urns.php  making it easier than in the past to deal with the funeral arrangements, the sorrow we feel is an unavoidable part of our nature as human beings.

A bereavement is always heartbreaking, but there are certain things we should remember when we face a personal loss. Things which can remind us of the nature of life, and maybe often some consolation in our time of need.

Life is finite, for all of us
Life is finite for us all. No matter who we are, or what we do or do not achieve during our time on this earth, we will all eventually face the day when our lives come to an end.

This is tragic, in a way, but it is also universal and inevitable, and perhaps it’s what makes life so sweet and precious as well.

The time between when we live and when we die will differ from person to person, but death is an inevitability for everyone. Remembering this can help to put loss into perspective. Death is a part of life, and nothing anyone could do could make it otherwise.

Yet for all that, we can cherish the time we have, the time we have together, and the memories we hold with us.

It’s probably not your fault
Self-blame is very common among those dealing with the loss of a loved one. Blame for the death, itself, in some occasions, for the things left unsaid, or undone, and regret for words spoken in anger or opportunities not seized upon.

This kind of self-blame is very often unfounded, and relies on a mournful and selective reflection on the past, with the benefit of hindsight.

Most people try and do the best by their loved ones at the time, and use their best judgement at the moment to decide how to do that.

Everyone is human, and arguments and bad moods are a fact of life. The fact that you had arguments with your loved one doesn’t mean that you didn’t love them, or that they didn’t know you loved them, or that you were failing them in life.

It is very important to lean on your remaining loved ones during this period of grief. They can help comfort you and offer perspective.

You are always connected to those you love
Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, it is worth remembering that we are always connected to those we love, in a fundamental sense, regardless of whether one or both of us have passed on or not.

Our shared experiences fundamentally affect our character. Our memories remind us of them always, and keep them engaged in our lives on a daily basis. If we are closely related to them, their blood flows in our veins.

In the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual senses, we are always connected to those we love, and death does not sever those bonds.

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