Why Travel To North Dakota?

From national parks to fascinating museums, North Dakota has a lot of natural and cultural sights to explore. If you’ve been thinking of travelling to this Midwestern state, here are just a few of the activities that could be worth getting up to whilst you’re there.
Go hiking in Theodore Roosevelt national park
This sprawling national park is rich in history and natural beauty. Native American tribes once populated the region, and you can still visit Native American villages in the region. The park meanwhile derives its name from President Theodore Roosevelt, who once lived in the region in a log cabin (which also still stands today). Natural sights meanwhile include the Missouri river and the Painted Canyon. The park is also a hotspot for wildlife lovers and is one of the best places in the country to spot bison, wild horses, elk and prairie dogs.
Take a flying visit of Fargo Air Museum
The Fargo Air Museum contains a vast collection of historic aircraft – 90% of which are in flying condition. There’s even a full replica of the Wright Brothers’ very first airplane. There’s lots of nearby accommodation to choose from including Candlewood Suites Fargo @ NDSU. It could also be a great opportunity to explore Fargo’s other attractions such as the Red River Zoo and Fargodome.
Walk with dinosaurs at the North Dakota Heritage Centre
This museum located in Bismarck is the largest in North Dakota and contains exhibits ranging from geological finds to Native American tools. It also contains many skeletons of prehistoric creatures including mammoths and T-rexes. Interactive displays make it a great place for kids.
Drive the enchanted highway
It’s worth renting a car simply to drive down the Enchanted Highway, where you can see some of the largest scrap metal sculptures on Earth. These sculptures are spread out along its 32 mile stretch and include giant grasshoppers and pheasants. At the end of the highway you’ll find the Enchanted Castle, a whimsical restaurant and hotel containing suits of armour and medieval furniture.
Spot an albino buffalo
Those travelling to Jamestown should keep an eye out for the three albino buffalos that roam the region. Named White Cloud, Dakota Miracle and Dakota Legend, these are some of the only white buffalo in the world. Spotting them isn’t too much of a challenge and they can often be seen from Interstate 94.
Visit the Scandinavian Heritage Park
The Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot is another unusual attraction dedicated to the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Attractions here include the 27ft tall Swedish Dala horse, a Finnish sauna and a 240-year-old loghouse from Norway. The park is a great place for taking the kids and having a picnic. There are plenty of places in Minot to book accommodation.

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