Skin Wear And Tear You Don’t Need Surgery To Fix

Would that a magic wand existed to wish away all the abuse our skin undergoes. Aging, the sun, gravity, it all causes havoc for our skin and many of us will try everything we can to undo or prevent it. Many will turn to surgery, too. However, some don’t like the thought of being cut into or don’t have the funds for it. But that doesn’t mean you’re without hope. Some of the most common signs of skin wear and tear can be fought entirely without surgery. Here are a few of the tools you could make use of.

Dry skin
Over time, our skin can dry up, making it lose its elasticity, which goes on to lead to a flaky, rough feel, irritation, and wrinkles. However, dry skin isn’t solved by surgery, but rather the habits you keep up every single day. Hydration is the key, with moisturizer being one of the best friends your skin could have. You should use it specifically before applying makeup in the morning, which can dry out your skin, and right before going to bed. What’s more, you should make sure you get into the habit of washing your face before bed, so you’re not leaving dust, makeup debris, and other contaminants behind. These can clog up your pores, stopping your face from producing the oils that naturally hydrate and protect at night.
Age spots
Wrinkles aren’t the only blemishes we deal with as time goes on. Age spots are another concern, as are the scars left behind by treating acne. The little marks and spots can be especially noticeable on a face that’s otherwise well-cared for. There are some treatments that can target all these annoyances at once. A chemical peel can do exactly that, helping to lighten, smooth, and tighten your skin. This can drastically lessen the appearance of age spots, acne scars, wrinkles and more. It’s completely noninvasive and only takes a week of light recovery.

Sagging skin
Gravity and the stress and strain our skin undergoes can have just as much as an effect. As time goes on, our skin might not produce enough collagen to keep our skin as elastic and as good at rejuvenating as it once was. This can result in sagging cheeks, drooping eyelids and, perhaps worst of all, turkey neck. Surgery can help, but it’s not your only option. Exercises can help you tighten the skin again, such as chewing and stretching your neck to fight turkey neck. Skin cleansing serums can tackle the problem directly, too, exfoliating and boosting the skin’s natural healing properties to help it retain more of its usual elasticity.
Forehead wrinkles
Gravity and age are the biggest causes of wrinkling and sagging skin but sometimes our own expressiveness can undermine us. It’s hard to tell someone to smile less or to try look less surprised, and as we express ourselves, our skin does the hard work until it loses that aforementioned elasticity. This is why deep lines like forehead wrinkles can be some of the first to appear. It’s a short-term treatment, but Botox can help treat deep lines directly, filling and tightening the skin while stopping it from being quite as expressive. Not only does this create a short-term boost, but it stops the skin from stressing itself out quite as much, which means that it can heal itself without any further interruptions. These last from four to six months, after which, some women choose to make them part of their regular routine.

Those fine lines
Perhaps it’s not deep wrinkles or sagging skin that’s the concern, but the first appearance of finer wrinkles. These tend to start appearing around the mouth, the nose, and the eyes, and they might very well be the first signs of aging you encounter. For smaller scale problems, you need a smaller scale solution. Microneedling is a non-invasive, short procedure that involves making a lot of tiny wounds to the skin where the wrinkles are appearing. It’s not as bad as it sounds, however. What this does is causes the skin’s healing process to kick into overdrive and, as the skin heals, it heals over where the wrinkles once were, giving you a brand new layer of fresh, smooth skin to replace it.
Surgery can be a helpful solution here and there, but it doesn’t mean it is always the option. Or even that it ever has to be the option. There are far less invasive treatments and products that can help you preserve your skin for longer. Why not give them a chance?

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