Bad date? Worry No More!

When you finally meet someone you connect with, that first
date feels like magic.
Starting off casual is the best way to ensure you can leave
easily when things go south, which in this day of online dating, free dating site and the like,
is likely to be a thing that happens to you at least once, if not frequently. In
a way, dating is much like a game. A lot of the time though, they can also be
daunting – especially if you’re not used to going on them. We all want to win
the ultimate prize. For the ladies, that’s usually Prince Charming. So what do you do when your date shows up and
looks WAY different (& not in a good way) than their photo? Only you can
take control of your emotions, feelings and positive outlook.  Focus on the now and everything that is great
in your life.  Usually people stuck in
the negative mindset are actually in a great place, they have just let the
smaller negative aspects in their life get the better of them instead of
tackling them head on and changing them for the better.  Unfortunately, the dating game doesn’t always
end the way we’d like it to. Sometimes it’s because there’s simply no spark,
values don’t mesh, or there’s no attraction. They can also be awful and awkward
and make you wonder who ever let you outside of your own home in the first
place. Other times, we do things to sabotage the relationship right from the
very beginning. We talked to several relationship experts who explain what NOT
to do on a first date. You can also take a look at Ask For Angela for some pointers to consider.
There is a
lot to hate about first dates but near the top of the list is wasting time on
ones that are mediocre but not unbearable. At least the unbearably bad dates
give you a story that can be repurposed for comedic effect after the horror of
the encounter passes. A number of behaviors get to be deal breakers for people
who meet online. A bad date isn’t the
end of the world, but it can be frustrating to stick around if you’re just not
clicking with the fellow across the table. If your date is rude or clueless,
there may come a time when you have to cut your losses and get the heck out of
there. First dates can be fun. If you want to get confidence back after a bad
date the first thing you want to do is refocus your mind. Instead of dwelling on all the things that
went wrong or all the areas you messed up start paying attention the parts of
the date that went well. Sometimes the sparkle just isn’t there, but most of
the times it’s about how we behave online that drives potential dates away.   You have to consider whether you want to
date a person who doesn’t respect your comfort zone.
Relationships can be tricky. Having date disasters is just a
part of life for some of us. There are times when it seems like everything that
could go wrong, did.

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