How to Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

If you have decided you want to start a family or add to your family, you will no doubt be excited about the road ahead. But before you can start planning how you are going to decorate the nursery, you need to get pregnant. Some people are lucky; they get pregnant without even trying. For others, it can be a struggle. But you can put the odds in your favour, and here’s how…
Move your partner’s phone – According to a review that was published by the Environmental Working Group, if a man keeps his phone in their trouser pocket or on their belt, they could have a lower sperm count. This has something to do with the electromagnetic waves such gadgets emit. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so it’s a good idea to get your partner to store his phone elsewhere.
Quit smoking – If you are a smoker, now would be the ideal time to quit. The same applies to your partner too. Smoking makes it difficult to conceive, especially as it leads to lower sperm quality. If you have tried quitting before, and you’ve struggled, have you considered vaping? Using a vape that has a variable temperature and other customisable features so that it can be tailored to you is a good idea for those looking to quit. After a while, you can then stop relying on the vape too, and you will have stopped smoking once and for all, which will increase your chances of falling pregnant considerably.
Try to chill out – Okay, so this is a difficult one. After all, the mere fact that you are trying for a baby can be stressful. However, if you don’t conceive straight away, try to relax. If you are getting stressed about the situation, you are only making it harder for yourself. Rather than focusing on the destination, focus on the journey, and you will be shocked by how much of a difference this makes.
Go easy on the alcohol – You don’t need to give alcohol up just yet, don’t worry. You will have nine months of an alcohol-free lifestyle once you get pregnant. However, it is a good idea to try and limit the amount of alcohol you have.
Try giving up gluten – There has been a study that was conducted at Columbia University, which claims that six per cent of females with unexplained infertility have celiac disease. As part of the study, these women went on a gluten-free diet, and it was noted that, within a year, they fell pregnant.
Cut back on the caffeine – Do you rely on coffee to get through the day? You’re not alone. In fact, a lot of women remark that they would rather give up sex than give up coffee! We hear you, but you’re never going to conceive if you do that, clearly. The unfortunate truth is that caffeine can make conceiving take a bit longer, so it is a good idea to make sure you do not have any more than 200 milligrams each day.
Forget the lube ­– If you use lube during your lovemaking, it’s probably a good idea to save it until once you are pregnant. This is because most lubricants on the market today have a negative impact on sperm mobility, which means they work against your pregnancy plans. Of course, some of you may feel that lubricant is a necessity for your love life, and if that is so, it’s worth looking for one of the fertility friendly lubricants that have been especially developed by doctors. These lubricants do not hurt your chances of conceiving. This is because they are pH-balanced to match the pH of the man’s sperm and the fertile cervical mucus.
Try and follow a schedule – Okay, so there is nothing sexy about having a sex schedule! But, when you are trying to have a baby, having sex at the right time is really important. You need to ensure you are having sex while you are ovulating first and foremost. But, there is a little bit more to it than this. There is a four to five-day window around ovulation during which a woman can conceive. Therefore, it’s really important to try and have as much sex as possible during this four or five-day window, as it will really increase your chances of falling pregnant.
Take prenatal vitamins – Another way to try and increase your chances of conceiving is to take prenatal vitamins. You probably already know that this is something you need to do while you are pregnant, but it can also help you beforehand. This is because leading a healthy lifestyle increases your chances of conceiving. It’s wise to look for vitamins that contain vitamin B6, which has been shown to enhance fertility.
Exercise at the same level you do now – Because women are told to lead a healthier lifestyle in order to boost their chances of getting pregnant, a lot of females take this to the extreme, and they end up working out at every opportunity. This is not advised. In fact, it is much better to keep your exercise levels at the steady rate they are now. Research has shown that females who vigorously exercise five hours per week or more are actually 42 per cent less likely to conceive when compared with women who do not workout as strenuously.
As you can see, there are many different ways you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. From simply moving your partner’s mobile phone to quitting smoking, take note of the tips that have been provided above and, hopefully, you will get pregnant in no time. Good luck!

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