Dressing Like The Winter Formal

Winter is definitely here, and winter is a good time to show off your style due to the amount of creativity you can use in putting together your outfit. You can throw on a sweater in the morning, remove it by lunchtime, and then put it back on by dinner. Plus, with the early nightfalls, there’s a lot less fun in staying out and about, so bring that little sense of adventure back home with you. Here’s some tips on dressing well in winter, whether you’re cosy in a cashmere sweater, or off to a formal dance.

Follow Some Basic Rules
These include wearing tops, coats, and sweaters with long sleeves, as a lot of heat can be lost from your arms alone. Sleeves also make you look a lot more elegant, which is a good style choice for winter, as sophistication is often all we have when we’re shivering in our boots!

Also make sure the boots you have on aren’t ones with an unmanageable heel, as you’re going to be walking a lot in them. Keep comfy and on toes that don’t feel like they’re about to break.

Bundling Up Properly
If the winter is getting incredibly cold where you are, and getting out from under your duvet is the last thing you want to do, you’re going to need to bundle up your layers in a fashionable way. You know what works on you, so pair your pieces well together.

Your torso is going to need to be kept the warmest, and the extremities in the form of your arms and legs come next. That means layering is a bit of a trend nowadays, because of its practicality and how good it can look. Use trousers instead of tights under your skirts or shorts, or a pair of thick leggings if that’s too much for you. Similarly, make sure you have a good pair of warm socks on your feet, as they’re warmer and good to walk the long and cold way to work or school in.

Reusing Your Formal Wear to Celebrate the Festivities
Just because they’re called prom dresses doesn’t mean they can’t be repurposed. They look and make you feel glamorous, and are perfect for most occasions, whether they’re casual or formal themselves. Pamper yourself a little in the mirror, and turn up to the work or college do looking a million bucks. So if you think you’ve got an upcoming do in which you can wear an old prom dress at, or buying a prom dress for it is the only option, go ahead and do so!

It can be used at a wedding, especially during the festive season, or at a Christmas party! Or you can wait for the New Year and count down the clock in a colorful dress that sparkles in the moonlight.
Dressing up for winter doesn’t have to mean an entire wardrobe rehaul, as you often have a lot of hidden gems perfect for the blistery season in there.

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