Why People Love Living By The Sea (And You Should, Too!)

Why People Love Living By The Sea (And You Should, Too!)
If you are looking for a laid-back neighborhood and a great quality of life, you might be dreaming of living by the sea. The fresh air, great communities, and plenty of exercise opportunities make this lifestyle appealing to young and old alike. Young couples wish they could raise their kids by the seaside instead of having to struggle through traffic every morning across the town, and retired people are looking for a carefree way of living: self-contained apartments, corner shops, markets with fresh produce, and great scenery.

No matter which stage of life you are in, you can move to the seaside, and you should. People with respiratory illnesses can see health benefits of the sea air immediately, and the sunshine will boost your immune system, expanding your life expectancy. Find out below why living by the sea is the right choice for almost anyone.

Fresh Air

The fresh air of the seaside has several benefits for people young and old. Living by the ocean is good for your health. The open ocean will help you have a better perspective and calm you down. You will be more able to deal with stress. Ocean walks and living by the water can be a form of therapy. If you have been stressed out by the way of city life, you might simply need a few months of sea living, or a permanent relocation. The ocean air is generally cleaner and gets rid of most pollutants. You can be cured from asthma, COPD, and other diseases. Salty air has been used for centuries to treat respiratory illnesses. The good news is that you don’t have to have an expensive therapy, simply get a holiday home or move by the sea.

Friendly Locals

There are plenty of retired people from the United States and Western Europe who found a new,  better lifestyle in the sun. Expats who relocated to Spain enjoy the weather, and often join in the local communities. Countries with all-year sunshine and friendly people, such as Malta, Spain, Portugal, and Cyprus attract tens of thousands of people every year. If you surround yourself with friendly and happy people you are going to be happier yourself.

It is also a great idea to have a holiday home by the sea, if you cannot afford to permanently relocate. This way, you can spend the summer there and stay in the city in the winter. If you run your own business, you can get a beach house or condo where you can take your kids on school holidays, and allow them to get to know different people, understand diverse views and lifestyles.

Small Shops

You can rediscover interpersonal relationships when you move to the seaside. A small village might only have a handful of shops. Chances are that the owner knows everyone living there, including the expats. You can catch up for a chat when you pick up your fresh bread or milk, and get a personal service.

If you are fed up with the impersonal treatment of the city and nobody saying hello anymore, you might find the small shops of seaside villages charming. You will not only get all your food and cleaning supplies there, but also advice and recommendation for days out, clubs, and activities nearby. You might even be able to take on a hobby or join a club, volunteer in the community, and make new friends.


Seaside communities are great for socializing. They always find a reason to celebrate sunshine, harvest, the catch of the fishermen, or simply a wedding. If you become a part of the community, you will find that your lifestyle changes, you get more invitations and a better social life. Seaside communities are used to tourists and expats and welcome them into their world.

Swimming for Free

If you love water, you will immediately notice the difference between going to the swimming pool and swimming in the open sea. The water is more natural, doesn’t contain chlorine, and you can explore more. You will not have to go around other people in the lane, and dry yourself in your own time.

Swimming is actually one of the few exercises that move every muscle and joint in your body. If you are over 40, swimming can help you prevent arthritis, joint issues, and mobility difficulties. Not having to drive to the gym for some exercise, and having the freedom to swim any time gives you a flexibility you would never get in the city center.

An Active Lifestyle

“Seaside” by Rolands Lakis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Finding time to exercise in the city is challenging for many people. You will sit in traffic for a couple of hours every day, and have to find parking space. The benefit of spending a few hours or the rest of your life by the sea is that you never have to go far. Seaside places usually boast with cycle routes, walking lanes, and beach walkways, as well as outdoor centers. You can enjoy a walk in the morning without having to worry about the traffic. Go for a morning swim every day and enjoy the cool fresh water.

Having a seaside place is a great way of doing more exercise. You will be able to walk to the beach instead of driving, or cycle to work in the sunshine. Play tennis, learn diving and surfing, and don’t say no to anything.

Quality Childhood

If you have a young family, you might want to give your children a chance for a better life. It is easy getting a house rental if you are a working couple or speak the language. If you want to relocate to a different country, you might just give your children a great opportunity to speak an additional language and get a better education. If you simply want to move to a seaside town, you can set up your business, explore your opportunities, and start fresh. There are millions around the world who decide not to raise their children in the polluted inner cities, and make financial sacrifices to give their kids a better future.

Sunshine and Vitamin D

Not many people know, but Vitamin D is important for happiness and healthy bone structure. It allows Calcium to be absorbed. If you look at seaside communities, you will find that they are much happier as they get more sunshine exposure. Vitamin D helps your body maintain healthy teeth and bones, boosts your immune system, and regulates your insulin levels.

If you have a long term condition, such as Diabetes or osteoporosis, you will need to get yourself down to the seaside on an extended holiday or even longer to naturally improve your health. Vitamin D also supports your heart and lungs.

Living by the sea is not only for retired couples. If you work on a flexible contract or from home, you might consider taking a long break to recharge your batteries. You will not only get the health benefits of the fresh air and seawater, but can also change your lifestyle completely. If you have children, you might want to give them a chance to learn a new, more laid back way of life, or even pick up a new language. Whether you are planning for a few weeks by the sea or retiring in a small fishing village, you will benefit from the move in more than one way. Become active, healthy, and change your future by the sea.

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