Super Stylish Ways Being Fly Helps You Stay Fit

There are lots of factors which impact health and well-being. Drive, passion and a desire to succeed are three which spring to mind. But, when you delve deeper, there is the temptation, work/life balance and ease of access. 
One thing most people don’t associate with health is style. Yep, being pretty fly for a white guy, as Offspring put it, doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever. After all, working out is about sweating, crying and pushing the body to the limit. How on earth can fashion be a factor?!
Well, and don’t shoot the messenger, but it turns out your image and the clothes you wear have a significant impact. You must have lots of questions, all of which can’t get answered here. So, instead, just take a look at the following.
Here’s why it pays to be super stylish if you want to take care of your health and fitness. 
Let’s start with the most basic principle: comfort. To exercise two to three times a week, you have to be cosy. Otherwise, the idea of flogging your body on a treadmill won’t appeal. And, the inevitable onset of excuses will start and won’t end until you finally quit. Yep, your bank balance will look healthier but that’s about it! People argue that style has nothing to do with being comfortable when working out, but it isn’t true. To begin with, individuals who aren’t committed don’t invest in equipment. What’s the point when the running shoes will end up in the shed after a few weeks? Secondly, the best brands provide essential features. Anyone who wears Asics will understand how they support the ankle to prevent injuries. And, Under Armour fans know that their sweat-proof technology stops overheating.
Keeping Up Appearances
Unlike the sketch show of the same name, there are zero comedy capers in real life. To look the part, you have to have to invest time, energy and money. Otherwise, how will anyone know you are superior to them when you hit the gym?! If you’re wondering how this helps a person stay fit, it’s the competitive nature of exercising. People who like to stand out from the crowd pin their colours to a particular mast. If said individuals get caught slipping, their reputation will take a big hit. The fact that you have gone to the effort to dress to impress means you are unlikely to give up. Obviously, there is the money to consider, but, more importantly, there is your street cred. No one wants the neighbours to start talking because they haven’t seen you in your Nike tracksuit recently!
Starting A Trend
A real fashionista uses their platform to spread the good word. Sure, looking and feeling good is essential, but so is getting in on the ground floor. Jumping on the bandwagon is so last year. Should a particular craze go viral, friends and family will follow suit. All jokes aside, the reason this is vital is the social factor of health. When a person attempts to keep fit, a workout partner is a helpful motivator. Thanks to heightened feelings of guilt, you feel as if you have to stick to the program. Otherwise, you will let a group of people down and that is worse than letting yourself down! So, the more people see you and think “that’s cool,” the better for everyone involved. Style may be the reason the group gets together three times a week to exercise, gossip and let off steam.
Bad Habits
Did you know people indulge in unhealthy behaviour because it’s cool? Hold the front page because this is breaking news! Okay, so lots of people smoke and drink because it’s stylish and it isn’t a secret. However, being healthy doesn’t have to be uncool. Take vaping as a perfect example. With a healthy dose of gear from, one can smoke until your heart’s content. Yep, unlike patches or gum, vaping involves the physical act of putting a cigarette-shaped object to your lips and taking a drag. So, there is no reason to drag your good name through the mud by being a square. Better yet, points out that vaping is healthier than smoking. Of course, you need to wean the body off nicotine in the end, but it’s a decent alternative until then.
Whether you agree or not, being cool in today’s day and age means being a hipster. Don’t worry because you don’t have to wear a top hat with a cape and skinny jeans. No, being a hipster is more about the attitude than anything else. And, your new approach is going to be to try everything and anything! The diet which no one knows about yet – you’re already on week3. The wacky professor with crazy yet potentially effective theories – he’s a friend on Facebook. You could get his number but he doesn’t have a phone he’s so hipster! There is no doubt that being cool is a euphemism for being different in 2017. The fact that you care about how you look and feel is a sign you are happy to be unique. It could pay off and it could end horribly, but there’s only one way to find out.
No Stress
Men and women suffer from body issues which prevents them from working out. Sadly, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle as everyone has to exercise to transform their body. The people who suffer the most are women thanks to a stick thin culture promoted by the gossip rags. But, by wearing the newest and latest gear and looking flawless, the thought of working out seems more appealing. Now, it may play into the stereotype a little, but who cares if you’re healthy and happy? Not only is it good for fitness but stress too. When you can pound pavement without fear of judgement, there is less tension. Not to scare you, but pressure is a killer which leads to potentially fatal illnesses. As a rule, the less cortisol in your body the better!
Vain it may be, but it doesn’t matter as long it encourages you to take care of your body.

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