In Or Out? 3 Trends Which Are Popular And 3 Which Aren’t This Fall

It’s not easy being a fashionista. First of all, you have to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. Then, you have to hit the high street to top up your style. Above that, a trendsetter has to lead an everyday life. No, it isn’t easy being a fashionista. But, as a self-respecting innovator, it’s essential to take your responsibility seriously. Otherwise, you may make the mistake of turning into a run-of-the-mill, generic woman. To avoid that, here are three trends which are three which are out this autumn.

In: Stripes
Stripy clothing is the cat-equivalent of the fashion world because it has nine lives. Back in the early nineties, women used to rock vertical and horizontal bands without a care. Then, the style took a backseat for a while until the beginning of the 2000s. Around 2012, stripes cam back in a big way and have never left since. Be careful of horizontal stripes, though, because they are unbecoming.

In: Sneakers
Let’s face it –sneaks have always been a constant. But, in a way, they were only casual footwear for relaxed occasions. Nowadays, women are throwing them on with LDBs and maxi-dresses. Sounds a tad OTT yet the contrast does make for excellent viewing. Plus, Nike and Adidas are coming out with more formal trainers every year, which makes the style easier to implement.

In: Personalised Jewellery
Accessories have and still are a girl’s best friend. Nevertheless, gone are the days where high street shops charged a fortune for bracelets and bangles. In 2017, crafted rings and handmade earrings are all the rage. Not only are they cheaper, but personalised jewellery is unique and original.

And now for the trends to ignore this fall…

Out: Corsets
Pirates of the Caribbean had a big role to play in their re-emergence in 2004, but the style is played out. Too many high profile people and a couple of B-listers hit the red carpets wearing a corset this year. Sorry, but they had their fifteen seconds of fame and it’s time to move on again. Finally, you can let out a sigh of relief.

Out: High Heels
In the past couple of years, the term “high” should have changed to “skyscraper.” Women loved to wear heels which were at least four to five inches high but that is changing. Today, girls prefer comfort and practicality instead. That’s not to say high heels are dead. Girl, please. Still, two to three inches, in this case, is plenty.

Out: Ripped Jeans
These were cool when hipsters were in vogue, but those days are no more. Don’t get it wrong – they can be cool. However, wearing ripped jeans 365 days a year isn’t chic because it’s too specific a style. 2017 and beyond is about mixing up your appearance, which is why skinny black jeans are timeless. To add variety, mix the colours for the seasons.
The year is nearly over, which means all of the above will inevitably change. But, until that time, don’t make the mistake of looking outdated.

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