Gifts For The Monica Gellar In Your Life

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a Monica Gellar in our lives. You know what we mean: that one friend who is a total cleaning nut, neat freak and all-round organiser for all things. We all have a friend like that and they can be so difficult to buy for, as you want to be able to incorporate things that they love alongside what they are known for. When you’re making lists for the holidays for gifts, you need to be a little different and think outside the box.
Buying gifts to live up to the quirks of the people you love the most is a lovely way to let them know that you truly know them. So, when you want to celebrate the super-organised individual who keeps you in check in life, how do you show them you appreciate them? We’ve got some excellent ideas for you here:
Roomba. Okay, most of the female population would agree that unless a cleaning item is asked for, it is not a welcome gift. And then the Roomba was invented. This nifty little piece of kit actively cleans the floors of your home for you, and you can even put it on a timer! You cannot put a price on a tiny robot that cleans for you, especially if the person you are gifting it to is a parent!
Wallet. Women’s fashion is a strange thing. Most of the clothing does not come with pockets, and so women are forced to purchase fashionable handbags and Bricraft wallets, so that they have somewhere for their cards and cash. Well, ‘forced’ may be a little strong, we all have a weakness for soft, buttery leather. Your organised friend will love having so many compartments for their bits and pieces!
Books. Marie Kondo wrote this book about being organised. It’s not a solution to mess, but it’s a great way to teach someone to declutter and learn the Japanese art of getting rid of all the tat and feeling free.
Headphones. The white earbuds of the Apple range are moving into the past and these Urbanears headphones are making an entrance. Pure white in colour, these are sleek, minimal and they look great. The ‘pure white’ look is famous among fans of the Apple range, so why not buy the colour they will love without the price tag?
Slippers. Getting a lovely set of slippers as a gift is loved by everyone, but your super organised friend may love slipper sweepers. Comfy, colourful and completely perfect as a gag gift, you’ll be able to appeal to the cleaner side of your audience.
Buying cleaning supplies and organisers are great practical gifts, but sometimes you can get a little serious and buy a gift that is wanted, not just needed. It’s nice to plan ahead with your gifting so you can budget in the best way you can and give them a gift to truly remember!

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