5 Dates: 5 Skirt Styles To Suit

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect outfit to suit a date? No two dates are the same, so you need to pick your ensemble to suit the occasion. So what should you wear? The little black dress is a little too formal. It might say you expect expensive cocktails, a night at the casino, or dinner at a five-star restaurant. And jeans are going to stop you getting into most intimate places too. The skirt, however, is far more versatile, and far more suited to whatever you get up to with your date:

A Walk Through The Park
It’s a pleasant day, perhaps a Saturday afternoon. Spring has sprung, or maybe fall is about to fall? The Maxine skirt is perfect. Those blustery gusts of wind won’t lift it, and you won’t be too chilly. But it’s just smart enough to upscale your lunch date after. And if this is a weekday lunch date, you can wear this perfect little number in the office too. Accessorize with an oversized bag especially if you’re traveling any distance. A cute denim jacket thrown over your arm finishes this ensemble off beautifully.

Fun At The Fun Fair
If you’re heading out in the early evening for a little carnival or fun fair frivolities, then make a statement with a snap wrap mini skirt. Boots are a must, but you don’t need to go crazy with the heel or the height. Work it all into a theme. Brown boots and brown belt work great together if they’re both made of the same material. Of course, these skirts work best when they’re the center of attention. Go for a short top, maybe with an off-the-shoulder cut. You can even add a fun hat to top this one off.

Elegance At The Theater
If your date is taking you to a theater, classical music performance, or reading, then choose a skirt with elegance. A double layer midi is just casual enough not to give your date a heart attack. But with a beautiful fabric and wraparound style, you can pass through the doors of any venue and feel you’ve met the highest of dress code standards. There is nothing stopping you carrying on to a wine bar or good restaurant after. Strappy shoes, but not sandals with a short heel are perfect here.

Lounging At Home
If your date is coming to your place, you want to appear relaxed and casual. This is the perfect occasion to bring out the gypsy skirt. You can find a great example of one at skirt specialist Jayli.com too. Add a fitted or stretchy top to the outfit, and you’ll be comfortable curled up on the sofa or lounging on the floor.

Playing Games On The Beach
Frisbee, soccer, or simply silliness is always fun with a date in the park. Of course, there might be the obligatory wave chase too. A skort is ideal for protecting your dignity but giving you the freedom to run around and have a bit of fun. What’s your favorite date skirt?

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