Why Pay for Exclusivity When You Can Pay for Personality?

One of the most enjoyable things about fashion is being able to express yourself with your garments. No matter how little you think you spend putting together an outfit, you always gravitate to a certain style. Some people like crop tops, others enjoy baggy hoodies and some prefer to show off their curves with tight-fitting clothes. Everyone has their own style, and it’s important to wear clothes that you personally feel comfortable in, not the latest brands that everyone is raving about over social media.

The fashion industry seems to love exclusivity. The more exclusive something is, the more people are willing to be ridiculous sums of money for. For example, Louis Vuitton released a collaboration with Supreme this year and a shirt from that collection sold for roughly $450 USD and could only be purchased at certain locations. Currently, the shirt is selling for almost $1500 on fashion auction websites. Is it worth paying the initial price, let alone the auction price, for a shirt with a special logo because it’s exclusive? Some people would answer yes, but for the practical among us, it’s a resounding no.

Define Your Own Style
Trying too hard with your fashion will only lead to people giving you funny looks. Defining your own style is one of the golden rules that practical fashionistas follow. Buy clothes that you personally enjoy and stop worrying about the brand. Some people even go as far to accept fake clothing brands and knockoffs because the colours are slightly different or they offer a design in a size that is no longer available. That’s why thrift stores are so popular among fashion enthusiasts; not only can you find forgotten pieces in a brand’s collection, but you can also find unique pieces that no one else will be wearing. These are types of garments that will define your style, so stop worrying about the brand name and start worrying about your own comfort.

More Choice
Shopping is enjoyable for anyone who has even a slight interest in fashion. However, you can kick it up a notch by shopping online instead of going out to stores. It’s incredibly convenient and you’re presented with so much choice that it’s unbelievable. Not only can you buy from local stores, but also national stores and even purchase clothing and accessories from other countries. This is fantastic because it allows you to embrace another country’s fashion sense and bring certain elements of different styles into your own wardrobe. What you essentially create is a mixup of fashion senses and styles that you personally enjoy. This will greatly improve your comfort, confidence and also bolster your fashion personality.

Final Words
Next time you’re prowling the high street for new clothes, take a moment to consider how expensive it is to purchase a brand name shirt and how stale some of the designs look. The faster you break out of the brand-chasing mentality, the happier you’ll be buying clothes that actually fit your style instead of trying to fit yourself into expensive garments that show a particular brand.

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