Embark On A Culinary Adventure In Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t too synonymous with culinary excellence. It hides its unique and tasty morsels under a bushel and doesn’t shout about the rich and vibrant flavors of its dishes. But it should. The aromas you will experience as you walk down any street in Hong Kong that is adorned with street food vendors are a real treat for the senses. It will be hard not to succumb to the umami laden scent of whole roast suckling pig or the sweet intoxicating aroma of egg waffles. If you place great importance on cuisine when planning the destinations that you are going to travel to, make sure Hong Kong is high up on the list.

Before you even consider the variety of food that you’ll be partaking in, ensure you plan the basics. Because there are many different hotels in Hong Kong, it can be tricky to decide where to root your base for touring the city. Ensure you are close to a transport hub that’ll enable you to commute between restaurants and food markets. Hong Kong is very pedestrian friendly and has an outstanding transport network with even the airport only twenty minutes from the downtown area of the city.

Sort any visas and paperwork you might need. Get hold of your Hong Kong dollars. Pack your bags. Make sure your passport is in date and then get planning your culinary adventure.

Beef Brisket
No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a jaunt to an eatery that serves beef brisket. This tender cut of meat is served in a fragrant bowl of highly flavored stock with daikon radish and hand made noodles. Slightly sweet and very moreish, you won’t be able to simply have one dinner of beef brisket on your trip to Hong Kong.

Eel Claypot Rice
An experience like no other, if you venture into an eatery that serves eel clay pot rice, you’ll be waiting around twenty minutes before tasting the most unique variety of flavors and textures. The crispy nuggets of rice and soft, succulent eel are complemented with caramelized pak choi and a slightly sticky stock. You’ll either love it or hate it, but either way, it is an experience.

Snake Soup
Not one for the faint hearted, snake soup can turn stomachs at the mere thought of it. However, this dish is a regional delicacy, and you won’t find it on any old establishment menu. Snake meat is either chunked or shredded and served in a clear broth of mushrooms and lime leaves. Like every kind of slightly odd meat, those who have tasted it claim that the snake flavor is reminiscent of chicken.

Venturing to Hong Kong will leave you craving more unique and diverse culinary experiences. Even if your foray into the world of Hong Kong food is a fortnight, three weeks or a month, you won’t have managed to sample the delights of every dish, such is the variety of cuisine on offer in this far eastern jewel.

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