Beauty Secrets Every Girl Needs To Look Her Best, No Matter What

Slap your hair back in a high ponytail, slather on some BB cream and rush out the door! That is what life is like for many of us. Unfortunately, getting ready like that can leave us not looking or feeling our best. Something that every girl deserves to do. So with that in mind, read on for some hints on how to stay looking gorgeous no matter what!

How to look great when you have no time
Have you ever slept right through your alarm, and then woken up so late that you have all of five minutes to get washed, dressed, do your hair and makeup and get out the door? If so, then you know what a struggle it is to look your best when time is short. However, there are some things you can do to make the job of beautifying yourself quicker in the morning.

One way is to give yourself the best base to work from, no matter how little time you have. This should include your face and hair so get regular cuts to keep your style in shape, and take B vitamin supplements like the ones available from to keep it looking healthy and thick. You won’t have to waste your time with volumizing products in the mornings if you do this either. Also, ensure that you take off all of your makeup off the night before, and cleanse again really briefly in the morning before you apply that day’s face.

You can also simplify your makeup routine like they do at Remember that as long as you have the bases of foundation, eyebrows, mascara, powder, and lipstick covered you are golden. Separate the items out of your makeup case the night before, and they will be all right there for you to use when you get up in the morning.

How to look great when you are run down
Being run down and feeling unwell isn’t much fun, especially when you still have to go to work or university, and do all the things you would in a normal day. This is often not helped by the fact that we hardly look our best when we have a red runny nose, flushed cheeks, and a hacking cough.

But there are some ways that we can improve our look, even when we are feeling awful. First, make sure that you use a full coverage foundation. As this will cover over any unevenness in skin tone and even out any read spots you are getting from flushing.

Next, wear your hair in a style that is up and off of your face and neck like the ones at As this should help it stay neat and tidy, as well as helping you to stay cooler at the same time.

Lastly, a common feature of being unwell is that you face looks washed out, so don’t forget to warm the face up with a dab of blush on the cheeks and some color in the eye area. As this should help you look a bit more like your old self, even if you don’t feel it.

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