Yes, You Can You Have Beautiful Teeth Like They Do In The Magazines

Everytime you smile, you show off your teeth. But not all of
us are blessed with a perfect smile like you see on the faces of celebrities in
the magazines. The question, however, is whether or not celebrities were born
that way. The truth is that the vast majority of them were not. Instead, they
invested time and effort in their teeth to get them to the state that they’re
in today. The following is the truth about beautiful teeth.
Most Fancy
Toothpastes Are A Waste Of Money
Go to the toothpaste aisle in the superstore, and you’ll
find a dozen different brands all with a dozen different products offering a
range of results. Some toothpastes promise to increase the whiteness of your
teeth, others remove stains, and others get rid of plaque. But it turns out
that the differences between brands and products is remarkably small.
According to leading dentists, it doesn’t really make much
difference what kind of toothpaste people use over the
long term, so long as they are using toothpaste to begin with. For decades,
scientists have known that the only ingredient that really makes a difference
in toothpaste is the fluoride. The rest, including the lathering agents and
thickeners, are essentially all about mouthfeel and the enjoyment of using the
product. What really matters, they say, is the contact between the fluoride
agents in the paste and the teeth themselves.
Sugar Is The Most
Damaging For Teeth
There’s a big difference between carbs and sugar. When the
pioneering medical doctor Weston Price visited hunter-gatherer populations in
the 1930s, he immediately noted the health of their teeth. Despite the fact
that these isolated populations didn’t have dentists or any fluoride
toothpaste, their teeth were relatively white and without any cavities. Price
was so surprised that he began taking pictures of their mouths to show other
medical experts when he got home.

The reason the hunter-gatherers didn’t have any cavities was primarily because they weren’t eating any sugar. Most of their diet came from natural foods, like Keto Diet Plan, roots, leaves, and fruits, rather than the refined garbage most people eat today.

Cutting out sugar from your diet is the best way to protect
your teeth, but be warned – sugar is in literally everything. Sure, everybody
knows that cake, cookies and ice cream contain added sugar, but did you know
that it’s also a primary ingredient in ketchup, crackers, and some chips?
The worst offenders, however, are products where sugar is in
liquid form. The reason fizzy drinks, sweet vinaigrettes and fruit juices are
so dangerous to teeth is because of their ability to cover the entire surface
of the enamel when being consumed. The current advice is that if you are going
to consume these products, that you drink them through a straw to avoid contact
with your teeth.
Those who do drink sugary drinks regularly or who smoke are
recommended to have their teeth scaled and polished every three months or so.
Braces Aren’t Just
For Children
There’s a common misconception out there that braces are
just for children. But with the rising popularity of shows like Ugly Betty, the
idea that adults can wear braces is going more mainstream. As sites like,
there’s no need to go through all the years of hassle that most kids have to
endure. Braces can be made to work quickly and effectively, using the most
recent technology.
Dozens of celebrities have invested in braces during the
course of their careers, including singer Katy Perry and movie star Tom Cruise.
If You Do Whiten Your
Teeth, Do It Slowly
Toothpaste isn’t particularly effective at whitening teeth
because it doesn’t contain powerful whitening chemicals. The only effective
whitening agent shown thus far is hydrogen peroxide.
However, there are some downside to using hydrogen peroxide
to whiten teeth. The main problem is that it tends to make teeth overly
sensitive. In the early days of teeth whitening, dentists used to use laser
whitening to accelerate the activity of the hydrogen peroxide so that dentists
could apply it within a single visit. However, before long, patients began
complaining about overly sensitive teeth, and the procedure was banned in a
number of countries and the EU. Other methods, like lamp whitening, were tried.
But experts soon discovered that these methods were very ineffective at
speeding up the whitening process.
Today, the advice is to get teeth whitened slowly over time.
By law, the hydrogen peroxide content of many products is now limited to just 6
percent, meaning that going five shades lighter overnight simply isn’t
possible. Getting teeth to become whiter involves a considerable degree of
What if your teeth are covered in plaque? No problem, say
the experts. All you need to do is have your teeth professionally cleaned to
remove the plaque and then you’re free to begin the whitening process.
Want your teeth to stay white? The advice is to avoid wine
and drinks like tea and coffee that can stain teeth. It’s also recommended to
swish water in your mouth after drinking hibiscus tea according to,
as the acid from the tea can wear down your teeth over time.
Tartar Is The Real
Enemy Of A Beautiful Smile

Plaque is nasty, sticky stuff. But in and of itself, it
doesn’t ruin the appearance of your teeth. Genuine plaque is clear in color and
coats your teeth in a thin film. The real enemy is tartar. This is the
substance that is created when plaque hardens and becomes entrenched. The
problem with plaque is that it doesn’t just stay above the gum line. Instead,
it works its way down into the gums, leading to gum disease, receding gum
lines, and tooth loss.
If you notice you have tartar, it’s essential to get it
removed as soon as possible. Your dentist should be able to do this for you. If
you leave it, there is a chance that you’ll develop a serious condition called
periodontitis. Treatments can run into the thousands of dollars if antibiotics
are ineffective.

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