Weigh Up These 5 Considerations Before Picking Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

The jewelry that you will wear every day for the rest of your life is the jewelry you need to spend the most time considering before you buy. There are lots of considerations to make after all. When it comes to your engagement and wedding rings, the moment they are first placed on your finger will be the most memorable moments of your life. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting any part of it.  

You get more wear out of each of these rings than any other piece of jewelry, and they might also become heirlooms for your children or grandchildren. Budget shouldn’t really come into play here if you can help it. These aren’t items you can upgrade later on! However, the cost can really hurt you and might have to be taken out of other parts of the wedding budget. Get a ring you love.

The weight of the precious metal will undoubtedly weigh in to the cost of your chosen rings. If you’re quite petite, you might not want a thick and heavy band though. Of course, if you plan to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band, you need to match the bands. They need to complement each other. You might also add an eternity ring later in your marriage. Finally, the carat of the gold (or other metal) should also be considered.

Diamond Cut
Often, the band design is quite plain for a wedding ring. You might inscribe the inner with words of love for each other. Beyond this, much of the decoration will come from the diamonds or other precious gems. A Round Brilliant Cut is still the most popular style. However, the Marquise and Cushion cuts are making their comebacks! Small studs around the band can also work beautifully.

When you choose your wedding jewelry, you should also consider if it has been sourced ethically. Gold, in particular, can sometimes come from places with cultural difficulties. Brands like Brilliant Earth source their jewelry with no human or environmental cost. You might choose something preloved or inherited as your chosen ring. You can also choose other materials that are less likely to impact the world in a negative way.

His And Hers
Will you both be shopping for the engagement ring? It really is worth considering how it will match your wedding dress, your reception design, and both of your wedding bands. There are likely to be photos of the two rings together from your ceremony so it would be good if they matched in some way. You might match the gold or the diamond style. Perhaps the bands are a similar weight?

Ring shopping isn’t something that you should do on the spur of the moment in a single afternoon. Check out places like Pinterest and bridal mags to see what styles appeal to you. If you look together, you can discuss which types of ring would best match your design for the wedding bands too.  

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