Wedding Duties You Mustn’t Forget!

Weddings come with a lot of planning and organising. From the dress fittings, to the makeup artist appointments, to the venue tours you have got a lot of work ahead of you once you become engaged. Getting married comes with a lot of stresses and if you’re not organised ahead of time, you will find yourself on the day of your wedding with half the planning not yet finished! There are some rules that come with planning a wedding, though, so that you can make sure you get to the chapel on time without any last-minute hitches.
We’ve put together a list of jobs that cannot be forgotten in the lead up to a wedding. We know you’re busy, you know you’re busy, but you have to get them done if you want a smooth ceremony!
You should be making lists of things you need to remember when you get engaged, and one of the biggest things you have to think about is the location of your venue and how you want your guests to get there. If you want a beautiful outdoor wedding, it’s likely you’ve found a location that has surroundings of fields and hilltops. This takes people out of the nearby towns and means you need to lay on transport for your guests from the church or registry office. It’s an absolute must that you have stylish transport that matches the theme of the wedding, whether you choose a minibus for guests and a horse and carriage for you, or a coach for guests and a professional limo service for yourselves. Getting to the chapel and reception on time takes careful planning, so know your traffic routes!
Wedding rings are such an afterthought for most couples, that there have been cases where the rings have been forgotten about until the very last minute. Have your groom buy the rings as early as possible and keep them in a safe place until the big day. The last thing you need is to exchange vows with borrowed rings from members of the wedding party.
You don’t have to have a full three-course meal to enjoy a wedding meal for your guests. A buffet is just as delicious and easy to remember. wedding dress with your venue if you are able to, but if you’ve hired a village hall you will have to sort the caterers and the meal yourselves. Keep in mind that hiring caterers will need to be on your list – a venue doesn’t automatically come with these!
Your wedding day is supposed to be something you enjoy, but the lead up can be extremely stressful and tiring. Have a nominated member of the bridal party keep the same list that you do, so that you can remind each other at all times of what needs to be done and when. This can help to coordinate the wedding party and ensure your day is perfect.

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