Winning The Battle Against Your Fridge

It’s always there, its distant hum filling the silence of the kitchen. The fridge can sometimes very well feel like the enemy of anyone trying to diet. Grazing, that is picking bits to nibble here and there, is one of the most widely-seen bad eating habits. But you can beat your fridge and get in better control of your appetite. Here’s how you do it.

Plan, prepare, prevail
Simply put, the better you’re able to plan ahead what you’re going to eat, the more chances you have of sticking to healthier choices. It’s one thing to think to yourself that you’re going to eat a good meal tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and the opportunity to just order some takeout can be very appealing. Instead, plan your meals for the week, and make what you can in advance. That way, when tomorrow comes, you have the option of a pizza or a meal that you’ve already taken the time to prepare or mostly prepare. It’s a lot easier to go for the healthier option there.

The right environment
Pre-making meals works because it also changes the environment of the fridge and the food cupboard. Beyond populating the home with healthier foods, you should also reduce the presence of junk food. Plan your weekly shops so that you’re not tempted to pick up junk when you go to the store later to pick up that one thing you forgot. If you’re living with others, ask them politely if they can keep their own snacks out of any shared food spaces unless it’s impossible.

Plan some treats, too
If you’re new to a diet, then thinking you can go without any treats might be terribly misinformed. The more you deprive yourself, the harder the pull of temptation. As well as your meals, make sure you have some healthier treats lying in wait, too. Instead of a chocolate pudding, store some low-calorie mousses. Instead of a bag of corn chips, keep unsweetened, unsalted popcorn.

Battle your cravings
You can make a healthier environment and give yourself plenty of alternatives to turn to. However, if you’re not really fighting the cravings that drive the bad behavior, you’re at more risk of slipping up somewhere down the line. The best appetite suppressant can make the physical urges to eat a factor that’s much easier to ignore. When you still find it creeping up, chewing gum or drinking water can deal with the physical sensation of hunger very well.

Forgive your trespasses
You will falter at some point. Almost everyone does. However, learn to forgive your dietary sins. Those who can’t tend to spiral into a cycle of shame and guilty eating. With the power of positivity, redouble your efforts, and realize that there’s no road bump so serious that it should crash your diet entirely.
Curb your cravings, create a healthier environment, sub out the unhealthy treats, and most importantly forgive yourself when you falter. Keep the above tips in mind and not only will you be much better able to resist your fridge but even when you falter you can pick yourself back up and keep going.

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