Why Everyone Should Visit London

If you’re looking for a city that has a bit of everything for your next vacation – why not choose London? London is a great city that has a lot going on, and with its culture and history, you’ll find that there is plenty to appeal to people of all tastes. With so many good reasons to visit one of the most famous cities in the world, it’s hard to narrow them down to a list, but here are some of the top reasons to visit London for your next trip.

The history

London has so many historical buildings, and their history is well-documented to provide a really interesting, educational aspect to your visit. You could spend a day at the Tower of London learning about Tudor monarchs and their various prisoners or exploring the history of London’s oldest buildings and really get to know this fascinating city. Be sure to map out the things you really want to see to make sure you fit them all in!
The culture
Whether you’re into food, art, history, theatre or music – the cultural offering London is impressive. You can’t move for art galleries or exhibition centers, and the West End is one of the world’s top destinations for theatre. Whatever your preference, there is guaranteed to be something to do in London that you’ll love.
The food
British food is about so much more than fish and chips or a shepherd’s pie. Today it’s a huge blend of cuisines and flavours from around the world that make it a great destination for foodies. Make sure you book yourself into a London restaurant with a view to truly soak up the vibe and enjoy the city’s most impressive views at night.
The shopping
Shopping in London is a fantastic experience, with multiple shopping destinations to enjoy. Oxford Street alone is miles of stores catering for all different tastes from toy stores to top fashion brands. You’ll be spoiled for choice with department stores like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Liberty, which are worth visiting for their interiors alone. If a mall-type setting is more your style, you’ll find plenty of those too, packed with British and world-famous brands that will make you want to shop until you drop.
The views
London has a spectacular skyline that can be enjoyed from places all over the city. From the Southbank overlooking the Houses of Parliament to views up above on the London eye, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking and the beautiful in London. Walking the city is highly recommended as is choosing accommodation with a view (for a great stay in London with short let apartments click here. Hampstead Heath is one place where you can get a good overview of the whole city and an excellent place to take a picnic.
If you do decide to visit London, use it as a good excuse to improve your packing skills learn how to keep it simple and practical when you travel. London is a great city with some great fashion, so it’s a fantastic place to show off your style.

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