Stylish Hacks For Petite Fashionistas

I know the saying goes that the best things come in small packages, but sometimes, it can be really frustrating being petite. Especially when it comes to fashion and clothes! There are a lot of styles and designs that aren’t really suited to short girls, which can be really annoying.
But that doesn’t mean that short girls can’t be awesome fashionistas! You just need to learn how to dress for your body shape and the best petite clothes you should buy. Here are some great hacks that could help you figure things out. And none of them require you to rely on heels!
Are You Really Petite?
Just because you’re short doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy petite clothes. After all, petite clothes are made to very specific measurements. And you might not actually be as short as you think! So, it’s time to get a measuring tape out to see if you really are petite or not. Generally speaking, most petite clothes are made for girls who are under 5 ft 3 in (160 cm).
Make That Maxi Dress Work
Some small girls think that there is no way a maxi dress will ever look good on them. And it’s true that it can be difficult getting this look right when you are under a certain size. But that doesn’t make it impossible. You just need to find the right shape and patterns. For example, look for a heart-shaped neckline as this will draw attention to the top half of your body. Vertical lines are also good as this will make the dress and your body appear longer than what they actually are. It’s also a good idea to go for monochrome dresses as busy patterns can be very overbearing and weigh the whole outfit down.
Know Where To Buy Shoes
If you are small and petite, you will probably struggle to find shoes small enough for your feet. Quite a few short ladies need size 4 women’s shoes or even smaller, and looking for them in the usual fashion stores can be a bit of a nightmare. If you ask the shop clerk, they might point you in the direction of the kids’ shoes, which can be very embarrassing! There are a few websites and online shoe stores that specialize in petite feet, so be sure to check them out!
Keep It Real
Remember, though, when you are shopping for clothes for yourself, you need to keep it real and buy things that suit your personality and personal style. That way, you will feel truly comfortable in everything you wear. And by wearing things that reflect your own personality, you will be able to build up your self-confidence. Soon, you won’t let your short height hold you back from being a brilliant fashionista!
Small can be stylish too! And now that you have all these great tips, you’ll be able to own every outfit you wear. And you might not even feel self-conscious when you’re not in heels anymore!

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